Atapi 9 atapi 15 disk 11 events

i am at a complete loss as to what to do here.

atapi event 9 is rare, i only see it every so often

atapi 15 and disk 11 will cycle almost indefinatly between the two until i restart the computer. the longest the computer has gone without getting these errors sense they started was 7 days.

i had to get the motherboard replaced and i believe the computer came back around the 17th of December, i may have had it as early as the 12th. if it was the 12th the first record of the errors i have is the first of January it is possible they happened earlier, but if i don't let the computer hang long enough, they wont log when they occur.

now, i have a few options as to what is causing it.

first is the motherboard
second is the dvd drive
third is my f drive (second hard drive, non boot)
and 4th is the cable to the mother board and hard drive.

the dvd drive, still uses an ide ribbon to connect to the computer and the 11 and 15 errors are

The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk2\D.
The device, \Device\Ide\IdePort1, is not ready for access yet.

the dvd drive is d: and the only thing on ide is the dvd drive, everything else is sata, though i doubt that is what it means.

anyone able to help a bit, ill dig more info if asked
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  1. i would like to add, that if this is a harddrve problem, is this one that i should be concerned with?

    its annoying, and tends to happen ant the worst possible times, but i can honestly live with it. i have yet to have a computer that just worked right, and if this is just one of those problems, than i can live with it. but if its something i should show great concern over than yea...

    and by one of those problems, i mean like the internet on my computer has never ran right.

    first it wouldn't reconise it
    second irc and bittorrent couldn't run at the same time
    and now, the internet stalls for a long time. like every hour it will spend about 10 minutes hanging.

    if its a problem like that, where its annoying but not system threatening, i can live with it.
  2. i just took out the jumper that made the hard drive work on my sata 1 motherboard

    i don't think this is what causes it but that was the best place i could think of starting.

    before this happened, i had the hard drive working for 3 months with no problem, i got a new motherboard and problems started to happen
  3. taking the jumper out was a bad idea. error 9 kept happening than my c drive had an disk error 51 and switched to pio mode

    when i did what i had to do last time to fix that, i believe the registry screwed up

    when i did a system restore, most of everything is back in working order but now i get an error when i log in and kdbjpn.dll has some error too.

    the hard drive that im having problems with are seagate 1.5tb drives i honestly didn't want to tell you what they were because i knew i would be told they were the problem right away, some places i go would stop conversation there.

    they are firmware cc1h if that helps

    i dont know what to do. seagate dosent have the best reputation, but it was all my local store had that were decently priced when i got them. i dont have a lot of money to spend to replace them ,and one of them is my c drive.

    please anyone help
  4. i just did a chkdsk on the c:\ and f:\ drives, hoping that most of the c:\ problems are now fixed, or at least contained.

    i dont know what will come of doing this for the f:\ drive though
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