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Hello. I am currently looking into getting a new hard drive (Looking at either getting the 500gb or 1tb version of the samsung f3 spinpoint). From what I understand the 1TB version is basically the 500gb x2 (just 2 of the 500gb plates instead of 1)? My question would be if I was just going to be running one drive is there any benefit to having the 2 plates for partition reasons? Like would putting the OS on one and everything else on the other plate benefit over putting everything on one? I am confused about exactly how it works and the best way to go about this. Im not worried about the size of the drive as 500gb is enough for me, but if there is benefit to having the 2 plates with things on each one I would probably go that way. Thanks!
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    When you partition a disk it doesn't divvy the drive up by platter, it divvies it up by cylinders (tracks). This is to minimize head movement.

    For two drives with the same recording density (bytes per platter), having more platters gives you more capacity (obviously) and can also improve performance since you can access twice as much data without having to move the access arm.

    You could take the 1TB disk and partition it so that it only has a single 500GB partition. If you did this, the 500GB partition would be distributed on both platters and located on the outermost tracks of the drive (probably about 1/3 of the tracks, since the outer tracks have greater capacity than the inner ones). This would mean less head movement and higher average transfer rates, both of which would contribute to better performance.
  2. Perfect! Thank you very much. So essentially buying the 1tb and partitioning just 500gb of it (leaving 500gb just hanging out in case I need it?) would get faster speeds since it wouldent have to move throughout the entire drive and can just stick to the outside?
  3. You've got it.
  4. It's always good to partition your hard drive....Keep windows in it's own partition and save your files in another.
    That way when you have to do a re-install you wont loose the data that's on your other partitions.
    On my system I gave windows a 100GB partition and all othere data is on the 400 GB partition that is left.....This way is very user friendly when re-installing windows.
  5. Thank you all very much.
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