HELP installing a Graphics card OVER integrated GFX

hello, i need help.
im going to buy a 4670 for my computer but i have integrated graphics.
im using a PC not a laptop.

i googled it and some people said that i had to disable my integrated GFX in the device manager, others said i had to go to my BIOS and disable it there.

can SOMEBODY give me a STEP-by-STEP walk through on how to do this.

this would be GREATLY appreciated! :bounce:
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  1. if you need my stats just ask
  2. it is easy,

    1- just install your new gpu (put it in the slot).
    2-go to bios and disable the integrated gpu.

    if that didnt work, then

    1-go to bios and disable the integrated gpu.
    2- just install your new gpu (put it in the slot).

    how to disable in the bios. refer to your mobo's manual. it should be there. :)
  3. Make sure your BIOS defaults to looking for video cards in PCI-E or PCI.
    Open up device manage
    Uninstall the integrated drivers
    Turn off computer
    Put in video card
    Start computer
    Go in bios
    Disable onboard video card
    Save changes and start up windows
    Install drivers from ATi's website
    have fun -_-
  4. ok thanks guys
  5. ok, i took a look at my BIOS settings and its on "<AUTO>"
    for the video settings. i hit enter and it said <AUTO>
    PCI-E (PEG)
    ( and 1 more thing i forgot)

    when its on auto does it mean its waiting for a GFX card? or do i have to change it to PCI-E after i install GFX card??
  6. ^ Change the setting to PCI-E to be safe, although on AUTO the MB should automatically detect and use the new card of it`s own accord, it
    wo n`t hurt to be polite and tell it.
    Which is what ARES_ ment in the top line of his post, then boot up and follow his instructions from line two; Open up Device Manager.
  7. The auto selection usually works, but sometimes it quirky, so its best to "force" it and use the PCIE option
  8. OK, do i HAVE to uninstall the integrated GFX drivers? i mean i really don't know witch one is my drivers and i dont wanna uninstall something important..
  9. cant i just skip a part of it and start from line 4? wich is turn off computer
  10. Just install your current drivers, and see how it goes, and I mean current for your gfx card. If you uninstall the IGP drivers youll still have Windows drivers, which are slow, and will give you a resolution of 800x600, so dont be alarmed
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