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Hi Everyone

Just wanted to research comments on updating SSD firmware with the Indilinx controller.

Has anyone had, or heard of, any major problems with using the update utility from any branded manufacturer to update their firmware to latest version with the Windows 7 TRIM feature?
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  1. If this is for a new SSD it may be a mute point as majority will have Firmware ver that support win 7 Trim command.

    My Patriot torqx 128 Gig already had support for trim and that was back around Oct last year. For the Indilinx versions I have not seen any real issues AS long as procedure is followed to the letter. Believe most problems are user induced.

    I updated a Intel G2 80 Gig last Nov to the lates firmware and it worked fine
  2. Many thanks for your reply. I was indeed referring to older drives with firmware that does not support TRIM. One of the main reasons I was asking, was because of the current debate (or should I say free-for-all fight) between Corsair and their customers with regards the firmware update for their X-Series drives.

    This drive series sports the Indilinx controller and Corsair have the updated firmware but state that they cannot release it because the update utility is flawed and has numerous issues. When their customers ask questions the answers received are shaded in mystery or Corsair refuse to comment because they are bound by NDA's. It has even come down to the level of Corsair banning customers from their forums for daring to ask questions or have an opinion.

    So, back to my question and the reason for asking is that other companies have issued the firmware update and the upgrade utility. I've noticed that their are some people who are having issues, but then this is expected considering the numerous configurations of computers out there in the wild. What I do not see are the 'numerous' issues that Corsair are quoting - if this was the case then I believe that these other companies would quickly withdraw the update utility until it was 'fixed'.

    I 'used' to be a Corsair customer and SSD owner, but gave it up when the foray on their forums reached fever pitch. I feel for the owners of the X-Series SSD as they seem to be in the ranks of the lost and forgotten.
  3. Know what you are talking about, Intel went thru their problems with the G2. Had to pull the drives - took a month to get back instock, AT a Higher price point (Was venders, not Intel). Then they had to pull their new firmware as a # of people were "Bricking" their drives.

    Not to defend Corsair, as this atitude is indefenceable, but they may be at the mercy of indilinx. Note even intel did not update their G1 to work with trim, could have been a marketing ploy, but also could be that the first generation just would not work well with trim or they were to afraid of people "Killing" their drives.
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