How to burn in a computer

Well I know to burn in you stress the computer for 24/48 hours. :whistle:

Queston: what are the name of these programs???!!! Also give a link to the download page. I hope I do not need to pay for burn in programs...

EDIT: I forgot to list down the specs. :D

C2D E7200
2*1 GB RAM DDR 2 800
Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3
ATi Radeon HD 4850
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  1. google for prime95 or orthos.
  2. Ok thanks Colegade!!! You helped me out a lot. But could you please recommend 1 very good program for burn in (whole computer(CPU, GPU, etc.))!!!

    FYI, I will use Vista.

    1. Is 3D Mark Vantage good enough or should I choose Passmark Burn In Test, or Sandra XII or anything else???(Remember I want an AIO (All-in-one) burn in program).

    2. Anywhere I can get a free copy of comercial burn in program???

    3. 3D mark 06 is a little old in the tooth, but can it be qualified as 2008's burn in program(even in Vista)?
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