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My alienware d900t had a problen the other day,when i powered down and then restarted it it would not reconize the harddrives,took it to a tech and it had a bad drive so he unhooked it and put the respawn cd in it loaded the image but still wouldnt reckonize the drive when he rebooted.
any ideas on what to try next
i forgot to mention it has 2 100 gig hard drives(only 1 seams bad)the other excepted the image but would not reckonize it when rebooted
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  1. Two drives, doesn't matter if its Alienware or Tupperware.

    Make sure the bad drive is removed and the bios is set to boot from the remaining drive only.
  2. that was tryed and still wont boot up,it says bad sectors on drive the drive was tested and came back good,we tryed another drive and the same thing..could it be the ribbon cable or the controller itself on the board?
  3. change the cable and see what u get...or it could be the port connecting the drives/motherboard
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