How to take pics with my webcam in windows 7

I would like to use my web-cam to take pictures . What program
do I need to do this? I use Windows 7 Ultimate Edition,
Can I see The webcam Icon in My Computer as It comes in Win XP Thanks for any help.
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  1. You should have received a disk containing the driver for your webcam. That disk should also contain a program that allows you to use all the webcam's features. If the included software does not support Windows 7, check the webcam manufacturer's website for an updated version.
  2. same prob with mine its not like xp my computer click on cam and take pic u can use cameroid
  3. i need help using my web-cam to take picture formatch a upload my photo in
  4. You has to wait the manufacture have got a update for Win7 ; Check Theirs websites for more info
  5. You can easily Download CamSnap 1.0 - CamSnap - Taking pictures with your Webcam ... from this site:
    and enjoy. Have a good day
  6. Try AvaCam its free and works fine with my windows 7
  7. This is easily done if you use a 3rd party products like the post above suggests. There are also other products like Unitwain, this is their page:

    If I got it all right, this product acts as a universal driver with a user interface included. It can be used with virtually any web cam available today, whether it supports twain drivers or not.
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