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just purchased two 48701g installed ccc 8.9 and tried to adjust the core and memory sliders. if i adjust the core everythings ok, card runs fine. when i even bump the memory up 5 and test i get immediate artifacts screen actually goes green. ive removed and reinstalled ccc a few times same problems, ive tested both cards in cf and 1 at a time, same issues. not sure if its the cards or not. and yeah i could just not even try to oc the memory and bump the core but i dont like leaving questions unanswered. if anyone has had this issue or has some info it would be appreciated. thanks.
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  1. 1 gb cards are notorious for poor OCability of the memory. Fortunately, core speed has a greater effect on performance improvement than memory. I am guessing here but it probably shares the same voltage as the 512mb cards. Maybe somebody will find a card mod or bios hack that will allow a slight increase in voltage specifically to boost v to the memory and memory controller. The point is is it really neccessary?
  2. it must be the voltage reg on the 1gb card. The memory chips are basically the same with the 512 version (I have the saphire one which is the standard ATI reference design). I managed to get the stock speed of 900 up to 1150 which kicks ass (and core speed from 750 to 820), all without touching the volts. It seems strange that your cards cant go past a 5Mhz OC. Be patient, someone is bound to find a way through this. Anyways, I tested the card with just GPU oc and just Ram OC and to tell you the truth, it's the GPU oc that has the biggest impact.
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