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I have a Thermaltake M9 case, (2 120mm fans) and the system runs hot.
I have a XFX HD Radeon 4770 that I would like to get more cooling for, as well as a Athlon X4.
so my questions are.
1.what are good fan manufacturers
2. specs on fans. (size, etc)
3. Do I need a non stock cooler for my CPU/GPU?
4. I was considering adding another 120mm fan on the side, but I don't know much about cooling, would this help at all?
thank you in advance!
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  1. 1. A lot of what would be a good manufacturer for fans for you depends on your preferences- do you want truly the best cooling available, whatever the cost/noise level? Or do you want the best cooling you can get for a reasonable price, or that are relatively quiet?
    2. Again- depends on what you are looking for. Generally bigger/deeper fans are going to move more air more quietly. The higher the RPM's the louder they are going to get.
    3. Yes you want a non-stock cooler for your CPU. Your GPU, generally not as important, but depends on how hot things are getting.
    4. That would probably help- remember to think about which way the fan is blowing.

    If you can give a little more info, it will be easier to help you. Temps, and noise desires etc.
  2. 1. I want the best budget cooling available.
    sounds is not a problem.
    3. what kind of cooler should I get then?
    4. on normal use I was looking at...
    CPU, 84 F, GPU 86 F, Hard drive 64 F, system temp is usually about, 84 F

    running Prime 95 the temps shot up to (for just 2 min or so)
    Core, 110 F, GPU 90 F, over all temp (system temp?) 113 F
    I think I need more cooling.
  3. Dude- those temps are COLD for a system that is not water-cooled. 110F (43.4C) at full load for a couple of minutes? thats really really good. What kind of ambient temps are you seeing? Doesn't sound like you need anything more at all. Remember- your CPU is rated by the manufacturer up to 62C (143.6F) and your GPU is rated higher than that. You are nowhere CLOSE to running hot.
  4. okay... should I still buy a another system fan?
  5. at those kinds of temps, you really don't need it. You could if you want- its not gonna hurt anything (other than noise level and your wallet), but its not necessary.
  6. but a better CPU heatsink is worth it correct?
    (if so, what kind do I need?)
    ambient temp has gotten up 130 INSIDE the box, outside the temp is in the 60's
  7. 130 is starting to get a little warm, but you still don't really need to upgrade unless you are planning on Overclocking or something that is going to produce additional heat. A good cooler will set you back between $35 and $60, so it depends on if you want to spend that much. What CPU do you have? Its a little hard to suggest a new cooler without knowing what CPU you need to cool.
  8. opps thought I already said
    I have a AMD Anthlon X4 Promporus 620 OC'd to 3.2ghz. I can spend up to 50$ at amazon.
  9. If you are already OCed as much as you are planning to and those are the temps you're hitting, its probably not worth the $50.
  10. even with the ambient temp getting hot?
  11. Its still well within the acceptable range. If its the case temp thats getting high, its probably more worth it to spend $10 on a 120mm case fan rather than $50 on a new CPU cooler.
  12. alright.
    thanks so much!
  13. No prob man. Have fun- those Athlon II X4's are nice chips.
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