Updating old gaming rig.

OK I'm looking for some advice on what to upgrade to, my PC is getting long in the tooth. It was noticeable during the WAR preview weekend. Here is my current specs;

X2 3800+ (stock)
eVGA 7800 GT CO (stock)
OCZ Platinum 2GB Ram
DFI Lanparty Ultra-D
Enermax 530w PSU
2 HDD's
1 Burner

Basically looking for a CPU + MB + RAM + Vid card package that would last me 2 years till the next upgrade. Going to carry the remaining components over from this setup. Also I want to run the CPU stock, but have the option in about a year to OC to give it the longevity needed to last the final year. Looking to spend 600-700 max. Also what would be better? Going Dual core for these 2yrs or Quad? I game mostly with some video encoding on the side mainly. If it isn't possible to build a 2 year system, a 1 year system would be fine to tide me over till Nehalem prices are avaliable for a bit to see if prices come down.

The games I will be playing will be, Warhammer Online & RTS's and maybe a FPS here and there.
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  1. Ack a socket 939 board. Too bad it's not an AM2 or you'd have more upgrade options. Still I'd think that for now you could drop in a second 7800GT from ebay to SLi them and maybe overclock your CPU a bit. Well that's just what I would think of doing.

    Since you're thinking of going with a new RAM CPU MB and VID and you want to be able to overclock that CPU then I would say go for an E8400, a P45 Board with 2 PCI-E slots, and a Radeon 4870. You could add a 4870 in latter to crossfire them and the E8400 overclocks well and is at a good price. If you wanted to go quad then you could go with a Q6600 but you may find yourself overclocking that sooner. I'd also recommend upgrading that PSU.
  2. E8400
    DDR2 2X2 GB 800mhz
    9800 GTX+
    CORSAIR 450W

    Still under budget. Look for deals.
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