Need help deciding which video card to get.

I am pretty computer illiterate so I was hoping somebody could help me pick out a video card. I want a nice computer (better than one than you can get at say Best Buy) but I also have no idea how to begin to build one myself so I am getting one customized from this site:

And I need some help deciding on a video card. I'd like a nice one and I am down to the 9800GTX, the gtx260, and the sapphire 4850. Even within those 3, there are slightly different models. I am so clueless as to what the differences between all of them are and which one is the best. Although I am not a big gamer, I would still like a nice graphics card. I would just like something nice but not over the top expensive.

Oh and I am open to other suggestions besides those 3. If there is something better out there in that same price range, I'm all for it. I mainly just picked those 3 because they are brands I've heard of so they seem like they'd be reliable. But I'm open to anything.


Edit: I forgot to mention one thing. I also would like would to get a TV tuner, I don't know if that has anything to do with the video card or not but just thought I'd mention it incase. Yeah, I told you I'm computer illiterate, at least regarding the hardware aspects of a computer.
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  1. 9800GTX+ imo
  2. The HD4850 has a bit better performance then the 9800GTX at the same price or a bit lower. The GTX260 out performs them both, but runs at least $100 more.
  3. If I were buying a new high-end card, I would choose the HD4850 from that list.
    What games do you intend to play, and at what resolution?
  4. I don't really play many games. I just do a lot of media stuff, audio/video and would like a nice graphics card.
  5. if your not a big gamer then a 4850 should be more then enough for you
  6. So the radeons perform better than the evga?

    Ok then, how about the HD4870? That one has twice the amount of memory as the 4850. Do you think I need that much?
  7. Question: What type of motherboard do you have? If its not a NVIDIA board, I'd go for the 4850. If it is a NVIDIA board, you should consider the 260 for the ability to SLI later.
  8. I don't have a motherboard yet. I am customizing my computer from avadirect. As of now, I am getting an Asus P5Q Pro. Is NVIDIA better, though? Because I can easily switch.

    What does the ability to SLI mean? Sorry if I sound stupid but I'm just now learning about all this stuff.
  9. hey man if you're not a huge gamer i would recommend getting a 4670 or a 9600GT whichever is cheaper you wont play crysis on high but should be capable of COD4 and such games
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