New Build help - 64 bit Vista - More then 8gb RAM?

I do photography & some light video (the next version of Photoshop is 64 bit & soon) - From Experience I hate to buy a new system with the RAM already maxed out. I want to build a new system with 64 bit Vista & 8 gb RAM but I would like to know I can add another 8GB (or More) in the future. Is this possible???? (without breaking the bank) I need to build 2 of them.
My storage is on an external eSata port multiplier.
I don't do any gaming but the quality of the video is important.
These are my ideas / requirements as I see them: Your better ideas will be apreciated

Processor - Intel® Core™2 Quad Processor Q9300
Motherboard - 16gb, 6 or more Sata, 1 eSata, gigaBit Lan, firewire, Some PCI? slots available.
RAM to start - 4 x 2gb = 8gb
Video Card - dual monitor support, 512 RAM (may want a third monitor???)
HD - 500gb
DVD - Lightscribe SATA
OS - 64 bit Vista - If possible Dual boot with XP Pro
Case - Large to hold multiple HD's
Power Supply - 600W +

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  1. Technically you could get 16 gig of ram in that system (i think the highest gig per stick out at the moment is 4) however you would see very little gain (if any) from that and it would run you 400-500$ for one set. I would just get 4x2 gigs of ram, that should be more then enough.

    EDIT: grammar, always grammar
  2. Workstation MotherBoards will support more than 8 GB of RAM.

    Way more.

    HP and Dell are selling Workstations with 64 or 128 GB of RAM using either single and dual Xeon processors. Obviously the Mother Boards are a step or two up from the hobby boards that we typically use and above a certain amount of RAM the use of a riser is required.

    BTW, I have 8GB of RAM. The most RAM I have consumed in one sitting is 7GB. Most of the time I am consuming 3-4 GB with occassional peaks up to 6GB. Not saying that using more is impossible, but realistically 8 GB is a lot of RAM.
  3. Stevie - I agree that "8 is enough" But I remember when 512mb was enough - sadly I remember when 640K was more then you could ever need!
  4. Get a good p45 board that supports 16gb of ddr2, be careful as not all do. And since most boards only have 4 memory slots you will have to use 4gb sticks to go beyond 8gb total. I found a good deal on an 8gb (4gbx2) kit that will allow you reach 16gb total. The kit is $190 for 2x4gb modules which is about $30 more than four 2gb modules so it is a good deal for you. I'd just bite the bullet and go for the full 16gb at that price.

    Good luck
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