Burned dvd+r of a slide show pauses/skips on external dvd players

Burned a dvd+r of a 17-minute slide show and it pauses (sometimes for a couple seconds, sometimes gets stuck, and sometimes skips back to the previous scene) while playing back on my stand alone dvd players connected to my tvs. It pauses on the same slides in the show on both of the stand alone dvd players, but plays fine on the computer that burned it. I have a stack of dvds that I've burned at various speeds all with the same problem. I used memorex dvd+r disks, created the slide show with Adobe Photoshop Elements 6, burned the disks with both Windows dvd maker and Adobe Premier Elements 1. Dvd Maker consistantly skipped back to the previous scene, Adobe seems to just pause with an occasional skip back. I've tried burning with and without scene markers but still get the same results.
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  1. Oh yeah forgot to mention that my laptop is using Windows 7
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