How low can I get my I7 920 (Voltages)

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  1. Any comments guys, just sharing for fun.
  2. i've seen one hit 4.1 ghz @1.00v
  3. I've taken the Vcore on my i7 920 D0 down from 1.217V (auto) to 1.005V and so far it has been running stable on a Prime95 In-place Large FFT Torture Test @ 133.5 x 21 with HyperThreading on. The biggest difference I've noticed is a 12ºC reduction in peak CPU temp.

    I'll wait for the test to run for a day or so before I declare victory.
  4. 16h49m so far and still going strong.

    Though its as hot as Hell itself here atm so it is still running quite hot, though it would be running @ well into the mid 70's ºC on the stock voltages, instead of the low-mid 60's ºC it is currently running @.
  5. 33h23m and still totally stable and running @ 58ºC/1.005V with an ambient temp of 28ºC.
  6. wow, impressive. i'll post back on monday for further tests
  7. I think 48 hours is long enough to declare victory. I full two days and my PC remained stable, even while I was surfing the web, ripping DVD's and watching movies at the same time.

    The problem now is that because I've set a custom voltage, the voltage no longer varies with CPU load, so the idle temp is now slightly higher than before and I can't find a way to get the voltage to vary between a custom min and max.

    Does anyone know how to get the voltage to vary?
  8. obsidian86 said:
    i've seen one hit 4.1 ghz @1.00v

    That must be idle CPU-Z Vcore with C states and Speedstep on!
  9. And you can always turn HyperThreading Off to lower temps a bit :D
  10. PS: Ironically my last screens was the lowest i could get my vcore stable temps were load @ 38 <
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