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So at the location I work, I often get servers that are worthless for resale, we are liquidators. Today I came a across an AMD server with redhat, 1.8ghz 1gb ram, and it had 6 250gb Sata 1.5 WD Caviar Blue drives in it. Everything else is worthless to me, but I am keeping the drives for personal use.

My question is, Will 2 of these drives on Raid-0 be quicker than 1 Spinpoint f3, or WD Black, or Segate?
Would you configure these in any way to make them worth while?

I am in the process of building an i7, and if I can get away with saving the 250 dollars on drives that i was going to, i would love to be able to. If nothing else, are these drives efficient enough to throw into a Antec 1200, All 6 of them, i know they are 6-8w idle, and about 11w peak. My use for the amount of disc space is Media (movies, music).

Thank you
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  1. I suggest you get a high density, 1TB - 2TB drive. Aside from the electricity savings (6 drives idle * 8 watts each = 48 W for your hard drives), you also have less chance of failure. In a RAID0 array, a failure of one drive will render the whole array useless. You could get a WD Caviar Green 1TB drive for around 90$. It's a power efficient, high density drive.

    Although if you want to skimp on the drives, I suggest you use all 6 in a RAID5 array.
  2. Thank you very much for the reply.

    Data Loss is not a big concern for me, I save most of my important docs to my server at the office. That being said, How will two of these perform on raid 0?
  3. I'm not really sure. Try running a sequential read test on one of them, then multiply it by 2. That's probably how fast two drives in RAID0 can get.
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