Arrrgh - after over 2 years - still problems! :(

Hi all - I dont think many people will remember me - however I posted a thread a few years back on this forum - basically explaining my problem - for those who dont remember & would like to know more about it -->

However this time its the same system with a slightly diferent problem (the problem above still isnt 100% fixed tbh - but somehow Ive learnt to live with it!)

Im not going to go on and on - im just going to get right to the point!

Basically my computer keeps rebooting itself just before windows "loading windows xp professional" gui comes up - I bypass this by hitting F5 - then pressing "start windows normally" then by selecting "windows xp professional" - and it loads fine. (this problem isnt urgent - as i know how to bypass it - but it would be nice not having to worry about it & it would be amazing if windows loaded up normally by itself! lol

My MAIN and most frustrating problem is after playing lets say 10/15 or maybe even 20minutes of an online game(Quake 3 Arena) - my computer tower just completly dies. no warning - allmost like a power cut!

I think I am so used to having pc problems that its kind of the 'norm' for me nowadays - I cant remember ever having a computer running and working smoothly. which doesnt really bother me as im used to it !

could anyone please shed any light on my problems? any help/advice would be apreciated.
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  1. sorry forgot to put these in...

    specs are

    Asus A8N32-Sli Deluxe, AMD Athlon 64 4400+ x2 Dual Core, Asus ATI x1900xt 512MB GDDR3 PCI-E, 2GB Corsair XMS3500LL DDR Ram, 120+200GB Maxtor HDDs & Soprano Silver Tower
  2. What PSU do you have ? sounds to me your pc is using to much power and cutting out to stop it from overloading. when running the system for daily use it will be fine but when start playing game's the cpu,ram and graphics draw more power and if the PSU cant handle this then it will cut of to prevent over heating. i had this problem my self but when i upgraded to a 650W and the problem stopped.
  3. Im not 100% sure but that sounds like that could be the problem - as my pc is equipt with neon lights & I havnt upgraded my PSU in a long time.

    will keep you updated - will check it tomorrow when I get home.

  4. Right I checked my PSU and it is 420W, Is this a decent wattage? I checked about for this and on newegg, this psu is getting some stick, aparently its a waste of money... thankfully I didnt buy this as it came with my Thermaltake tower when I purchased it.

    The only confusing thing for me to buy a new one would be, I know you get diferent kinds of PSU's. I have another tower with a 500W PSU in it, but sadly that one doesnt have the PCI-E connection needed for my graphics card, so I doubt I will be able to use that, what kind of PSU do I need to buy, is there a spacific name for it? and also, what Wattage of PSU do you recommend I should buy?

    What I am going to do is buy an adaptor (4pin to 6pin adaptor) from ebay and try my other PSU, as I know its only another 80W(from 420W to 500W), but it would save alot of money for a new PSU!

  5. If the PSU is getting bad reviews at Newegg, it's bad. I would recommend a 380W+ PSU from Seasonic or PC P&C. Seeing as your build is years old, if you shoot for ~500W, you'll leave room to upgrade or to transfer the PSU to a completely new system in a similar market segment. Expect to pay $50-80 for a good PSU in this range.

    12v rail amperage and voltage stability matter much more than total wattage. The two brands I mentioned generally show excellent performance in these categories.
  6. As your running neons as well i would go for a 600W to cover your self 500W should do it but i used to have the same spec as you and had a cheap 400W and at the time i had an X850 and it kept dieing thinking it was the graphics i changed to a x1950 XT and then it still didn't work when playing games, in the end i changed the hole system even the power source to a 500W (at the time it was a cheap one and i didn't look at reviews) and again it died, at this point i was doing my A+ and looked at power trouble shooting and it turned out the 500W was giving out a rubbish voltage and in forums wasn't recommended for a X1950 so i changed it to a 650 Blue Storm and i have had it for 3 years now and it still does me well :) and i'm running a lot of stuff and it doesn't even batter an eyelid
  7. LOL, you will want to keep your self in the 450W-550W range from a reputable vendor (PC Power and Cooling, Antec, Corsair are the most popular right now). Remember that your PSU is a long term investment that you can carry over for several systems if you get a good one, so pay a little extra now and enjoy it for years to come.
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