Help selecting right memory for P5Q PRO LGA

Hi Guys

After this I quit for today. I'm new at this and need some help. This is my first build I'm getting a headache.
I bought a P5Q PRO mobo and a Q6600 cpu. I'm having trouble figuring out the best memory to get for the board.
Brand and values will sure help me out.
I was thinking OCZ and 800. But i'm not sure.
I guess whatever i get i'm suppose to keep the values at 1.9volts or lower. Beats me.
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  1. You will be able to find the QVL (qualified vendors list) at for that board. It will tell you which RAM sticks asus has tested and will work. If you chose something not on that list it is possible that the memory will simply not work with that board.

    I have it in PDF format because I am currently researching my new build and it will include either the P5Q Pro or P5Q-E. If you would like me to email it you you I will do so.
  2. I'm having some first boot problems, i bought kingston 2GB Value RAM DDR2 667MHz PC2 5300, but looking now I see the one on the QVL is kvr667d2n5/2G which is Kingston 2GB Value Ram DDR2 CL5 667MHz PC2 5400, Is the RAM I have okay? What's all the stuff about changing bios, is that stuff that you do if you ever get it to boot up in the first place?

    The sorry tale -
  3. Best brand's to go for ibe, is G.Skills or OCZ. I know which ram your talking about because i have the 1066 version. G.skills is prolly cheaper but, in comparison, idk.. i love OCZ.
    G.Skills, better clock timings.
  4. I have 2x1gb of corsair XMS2 6400 on my p5qpro and no problems whatsoever. At 800mhz runs 5-5-5-15(and with those timings it can go right up to 980mhz), currently have it at 660mhz with 4-4-4-12.
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