What SHOULD be showing up as C:\ drive is showing up as J:\?

I recently wiped my hard drive and reinstalled xp to get rid of all the junk I had. Everything has gone well, except that my hard drive (the only one I have installed at the moment) is showing up as drive J rather than C. I think this is causing a problem with most of my programs paths. Does anyone know an easy (or not) solution to how I can switch my drive paths so I don't have to manually do it in all my programs?
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  1. start/ settings/ control panel/ administrative tools/computer management/ disk management.
    Click on J: drive
    click action/all tasks /change drive letter and paths.
    Change drive letter to C and allow it time to make all path changes and reboot.
  2. I do believe that will work for all drive letters EXCEPT the primary disk. This was caused by having a card reader hooked up when installing XP. My only solution for this (it has happened to me a couple of times) is to disconnect the card reader and any other USB devices and reinstall XP. If I am incorrect please advise, as I am here to learn also.
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