Help me pick a dvd r/w

Hey guys.

I built a great system with advice from these forums, but after about a week my Dvd r/w stopped working. Here is the drive I'm talking about:

I contacted newegg and they offered to give me a replacement with no restocking fee so since there seem to be rave reviews about this drive I decided to try it again and figured it was just a one off bad one. Now I seem to be having similar problems. Some times the drive will read a cd, sometimes it wont. Often times I will put a program cd in and it will think its blank and ask to burn something to it.

I'm going to give up on this drive and try a different one. Can you guys recommend something which you think is good? I'd like to keep lightscribe but can live without it if the drive is really good.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Hehe no advice from the pro's? Guess taking a wild guess on newegg would probably be the same thing right? Oh well thanks anyway guys.
  2. Thats only a DVD-R are you using the correct discs? No DVD-RAM either. DVD-RW discs are less reflective, so that might be giving you some problems if thats the case.
  3. I'm going to use Don't know if that helps or not but it comes highly recommended.
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