XP limited account: P6T EPU-6 engine settings are not saved?!

Hello everyone,

I'm having some troubles here. I recently bought the new Asus P6T Deluxe motherboard which comes with the EPU-6 Engine for controlling power consumption. However, if I work (as I always do) under my limited account on Windows XP Pro, I'm not able to save any of my settings. Because I'd like to set "Max. Power Saving" as my default mode. Under an administrator account it works like a charm! So I'm guessing it has something to do with access rights somewhere... For starters, I also don't know where these settings are saved. I already tried browsing the registry but nothing that helps comes up...

Did anyone have the same problem? Or even better, know a solution for this problem?

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  1. Hi!
    I had the same problem on XP x64, and now :fou: on Windows 7 x64.
    It seeems there is no resolution on internet and no user of p5q series cares about saving energy... Only high o/c counts ?
    Come on people !?
  2. its prolly a administrator only setting, maybe you could find a setting in account controls that will allow such actions?
  3. Searching, searching, searching... :cry:
    Windows 7 account controls are :fou: !
    To much anger and to much smilies...
  4. sorry, but one of my pet peeves is to, two, and too. the correct one you're looking for is too

    I dont try to sound like a smartass but i just cant ignore it ha ha, hope you have luck, anything else ill be here haha
  5. Where'd the smartass smiley go?!
    I was nearly asleep...
    Let's gloss over one tiny o. :ange:
  6. Dear all,

    please find below the response of ASUS' Customer Service with regard to this problem:


    Dear Valued Customer,

    Sorry for the delay due to Chinese National Day holidays.
    I have confirmed that there is some limitation with the EPU utility with some users without administrator privileges, such as the funtion you mentioned.
    Suggest you to use EPU utility under the user with administrator privileges
  7. thanks a fridkin lot
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