How do i get back hidden folders and files on u3 cruzer micro smart drive?

i am having difficulties retreiving files on my u3 cruzer micro smart drive :(
am not totally sure how to get them back, they're titled hidden, i had a search going, and ERROR! blacked out the screen, and restarted. so...??
any ideas???? help?! :??: :sweat:
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  1. I'm not exactly sure what you're describing, but have you tried retrieving your files using another computer? Make sure to scan the drive before using it, there could also be a virus or a worm on it.
  2. may be you should try some other pc

    and change the port and remove every usb connected devices wen u connect it

    avg 9.0 for virus that is existing in ur pc and for file try search in safe mode
    and then also not recover with eauses data recovery
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