HD3650 agp vs HD3850 agp

Quick question,

I am running a P4 2.8ghz rig with AGP 4x capabilities. I am looking at both of these cards as an upgrade.

Just wondering, do you feel the 3850 is worth an extra $70 ish bucks over the 3650?

I get my numbers from here (Canadian $):

I am planning on using it mostly for WAR and TF2.

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  1. $144 before $10 rebate on www.newegg.ca
    it's worth the extra $40 for gaming, just make sure you have a power supply that can handle it .....a quality 400w
  2. 3650 is more then enough for the the p4.

    the 3850 is overkill as the p4 would be a HUGE bottleneck


    80 $ Canadian after 15$ mail in rebate
  3. Agrees running a hd 3650 you need atleast a core 2 duo to run into gpu bottleneck. I know games are graphics card dependent but if don't have good cpu to feed it like yours the Hd 3850 is a huge overkill. Its like running 88ultras in tri sli on a dual core.
  4. Ya this is what I have been hearing. I am pretty sold on the 3650.
    Sucks I bought an IBM pre-made setup... they shoved in a 185w psu... this is why you never buy a pre-made, they cut corners all over the damn place.
  5. Plus you have to take your power supply into account. If you have the original PSU that went into your rig, then it might not have enough amps on the 12 volt rail to power a 3850. Wait a bit if you can though, they're overdue on the 4450's and 4350's. There might be an AGP version.

    Edited to add, I just read your last post. You probably won't have the amps for anything above the 3650 or a 4350 if an AGP version arrives. I'd consider a new barebones system. I've bought MSI barebones before until I could afford better.

    Here's one that's very cheap:


    Here's the motherboard CPU support list:

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