How do I know what PIN is positive on connectors

Hi I am trying to wire in the all the cables on my case to the MB.

I want to get the polarity right and want to know what wire is postive and negative etc.

I have noticed on the plastic pin connectors there is a little down arrow. Does this mean that this is the positive?

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  1. are the wires colored? usually colored wires are positive and black wires are ground/negative.. if they are not colored, its best to see ur motherboard pinouts in the manual to confirm.. or else, you use a good old fashioned multimeter and check it.. Better be safe than sorry!!
  2. Polarity is important for indicator LEDs only. If you insert a connector backwards, the corresponding Power or Disk LED won't be lit, but nothing else can happen. Don't worry, it won't break anything. If it could cause problems, the connectors would be keyed.
  3. If you look carefully at the back of the black connector you'll see a small arrow. That would be the positive.
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