DFI 650i Ultra T-2 Southbridge overheats?

I have a DFI 650i Ultra-T2 motherboard which turns off randomly while playing or just surfing the net (problem is more evident while playing games)

I have tried with other CPU, memory sticks, video card and everything else unplugged and this issue persists. I'm now thinking about southbridge overheating. Northbridge and CPU temps are ok, there's no overclock at all but the southbridge heatsink really feels hot when touched. Not like burning ur finger but definitely not normal.

I have no idea what kind of monitor application should i use that will actually read southbridge's sensor data on this mobo (if there's any at all)

I took the heatsink off the chip just to see what was "under the hood" and this heatsink was fixed to the chip using this epoxy, grey color glue often used to sit heatsinks lacking mounting screws or plastic holders. I always thought that this kind of compound was not an option for thermal conduction porpuses so i was like WTF. It wasnt even applied to the whole chip but only to 60% of its surface so outer edges of the heatsink werent even touching the actual chip.

Is this normal? or my "WTF" resolution is well based?

Chipset voltages are normal (lowest in the BIOS settings)

So I put the heatsink back and fixed a fan to blow air directly to the heatsink. Im now running nVidia's stress test (crappy thing ha?, well, it was some clicks away and i figured out it should... stress... the computer like games do)

Changing the heatsink is not an option since the chip is right under the video card (low profile heatsink here)... i hope some artic silver will make something good, when i finally get it. Any thoughts?... help?... miracles?
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  1. Why would you assume the southbridge is overheating? It doesn't sound abnormally hot - if you can touch it without burning yourself, chances are that the temps are fine.
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