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I have XP Home SP3. Some downloaded app changed the Administrator account (apparently the built-in one) by requiring a password. I entered the PW and recorded it offline. Now, at startup, the system recognizes the PW but says that there is a "restriction" on the account.
I created another "Administrator" account, but this does not let me change the first one.
So, now I'm stuck without admin privileges and that causes numerous problems. Any advice would be much appreciated.
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  1. This could only happen if you were using the built-in system Administrator account for day to day use which is always a risky thing to do. Hopefully you're taking about an account with administrative privileges rather than that built-on account.

    Restart and tap Function 8 to go into Safe Mode with Networking and try to log into the account called Administrator and which will be top of the list or icons. If you can get in there without a password, go to Control Panel>User Accounts, select Choose an Account to Change, go to each one in turn and click to Delete Password if it's an option.

    Next, go to and download MalwareBytes. Install and update it and run the Full Scan while still in Safe Mode. Remove all the threats it finds and restart into Normal Mode and scan again.
  2. 17-Feb-11
    Thank you! I restarted in Safe Mode, accessed Administor account, removed the password leaving a blank space. When I rebooted, the system accepted the blank for a password but still reported there is a restriction on the account. P.S. Previously I search the Registry for "Admin" and my password; could find neither. Also, I'm protected, I believe, by AVG installed on my computer.
    Any further suggestions would be most appreciated.
    Bill Steo aka Tony Anselm

  3. You could go from Start to Run and type into the Open box gpedit.msc then hit the Enter key. Scroll through the various categories and see if you can find anything relevant. There are also Policies and Group Policies entries in the Registry but it's a risky place to go fishing without knowing what you're looking for.

    What restrictions are you facing? Perhaps it's just a message box that tells you of some but you may never encounter them in normla usage.
  4. Thanks again. I'll try gpedit cautiously. The system does not name the restriction, only says there is one.
  5. gpedit yields "cannot find...." Does not work.
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