performance of my two month old system....

currently my system is
Asus p5q deluxe
e8400@ 3.6ghz
4gb of G.Skill RAM
hd4870 oc'd

I would say that is a lower end of the high end spectrum of gaming rigs.

Now I'm not sure if I'm receiving the proper results compared to benchmarks i have seen online for games such as Crysis.
I recently updated to the catalyst 8.8 drivers yet in Crysis on a mixture of very high to high(mostly high) settings with 2x AA I'm receiving pretty mixed results.
I'm ranging anywhere from 15fps to 45fps. The average I would say would be around 26fps. Compared to benchmarks online my rig is under performing though most benchmarks online use a quad core CPU, i doubt it makes much of a difference.
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  1. Benchmarks usually use timedemo. It can behave a bit differently. Try this for Crysis:
  2. What res, and DX 9 or 10? :)
  3. o i'm sry... dx10 and 64bit vista
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