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I just completed loading win7 everything is fine as much as I can tell except ican't see my raid array under computer. I see it in the nforce controller but not where it counts, any Ideas out there?
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  1. You would have to explain this better. Do you have a RAID array? BIOS set to RAID mode? Did you install RAID drivers? Etc.
  2. Hello Sub Mesa, thanks for taking time to reply to my problem. I recently performed a major upgrade to my computer. Replaced all the hardrives (three in total) with WD black edition Caviars. The main C: is now a 1TB the other two a pair of 640 gb drives. The later two I have attemped to form a striped raid array, for the sole purpose running my FlightSIM programs from. My motherboard is a Asus Striker II Formula. the proccessor is a Q9450 oced to 2.84ghz, 4gig of ozc reaper memory (sli 1065 hz). I loaded Win 7 to top things off. all seemed normal until procceded to load my flight programs and could find the raid array drive. I troubleshot the system, I by first intinializing the array in disk management, I triple check the raid drivers, system information has no problem seeing the array and says it is working properly. everywhere I know to look says the array is fine except is can't see it in the computer panel window. Another thought, I did not do F-6 during the load of windows could this be my problem. If is is will I have to reload windows to fix it? thanks in advance for what ever help you may offer.
  3. Is windows on the RAID? If not, you may need to install RAID drivers before you can use the array. The "F6 during setup" is only needed if you install Windows on a fakeRAID array.

    Your RAID controller is enabled in the BIOS, an you can see it advertising itself after the POST? Like:

    - blabla
    - blabla

    Press Control+F to enter RAID BIOS setup.

    Do you see something like that?
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