Is the case REALLY that important?

Hey everyone. I'm looking at another build and searching for comments regarding the case I should use.

I currently have an Apevia X-Cruiser Black that does the job, but I am looking for something both spectacular and efficient. I've been looking at the Cooler Master Stacker 830 Evo, which I could get at $220 if the company could get it in stock. Is this too much for a case or should I invest the money elsewhere? If that company doesn't get it in stock by next week I'll be paying 289 for it.

I could always go for the Antec 900. Any ideas? Thanks for any comments or suggestions.

** I'll be getting a E8400 (which I'll upgrade within the year), with a EVGA 790i ftw mobo, 4gb 1333(rebate), with my current Corsair TX750W and 9800GX2.

I hope to keep this case if I get it, instead of selling the whole rig like I've been doing.
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  1. If you plan to OC then cooling is much more important than normally. The stacker has many HDD bays and so is more expensive. If you aren't going to OC and have 9 HDD's then I would recommend something more cost effective. The 900 is a good case, as is the cooler master 690. Here's a good inbetween case.
  2. I owned various cheap cases over the years. Eventually I realized I should get a really good case that would not need to be changed for many years and builds.

    As I recall I paid around $400 for my Silverstone TJ09.

    Just take your time and make sure you have the right case.
  3. look around for a good case, take your time and read some reviews about the ones you like and the choose.
  4. I've got to admit that i'm a cheap to mid range case buyer. I pay attention to cooling, size of the case, port placement and whether it will hold components. I haven't paid over $100 for any case i've used. ok ok i'll admit to being a cheap SOB, but the Coolermaster RC690 is still a nice case.
  5. It all depends on you. Quality cases will last you longer, nice things like rounded edges will minimize your need for bandages, and if your going to overclock or have high end components then a good case with good airflow will make a big difference as to how hot it gets. Sure you may try and do crazy things to get better airflow from a cheap case. Yeah a 200CFM tornado 92mm fan sounds like a good idea until you realize it sounds like a freakin jet engine :fou: . Yeah I don't go with really cheap cases anymore unless someone needs a cheap build that isn't too demanding and isn't going to be upgraded. If your going to spend money on a case at least get something you like to look at ^_^.
  6. antec 300 best of the bunch with a GREAT price
  7. A case is like a car it is what you like years ago and i mean years ago i had a boss at a used car lot tell me that there is a a$$ for every seat i thought he was a a$$ for saying it and i still do but now i understand what he meant ( the only thing in a case is what you like and air flow i hope this helps
  8. P.S i have a CM690
  9. My friend bought the case, and we built a gaming rig with it last week. I love the looks and there is a lot of room. The only problem is that we cannot use all 4 window fans, our ninja 2 and Extreme 120 won't fit.

    I'm thinking of getting the Antec 900, but it's really small compared to the CM 830, of course, it's also 40% of the price. I just got a TX750W and I have no idea where the cabling will go if I don't get a full tower. Who the hell is going to use over 8 peripheral inputs, or 8 MORE sata cables. Should have gone modular for a mid-tower.
  10. Oh, forgot to mention that I WILL be overclocking. I am hoping to push my E8400 to 4.0GHZ. I also have a 9800GX2 that runs extremely hot.

    I had calculated my overclocking potential with my last rig (which I never got to overclock) from the start, but I am confused with the DDR3 and the latest CPUs. I'll have to check into that.
  11. Well I have 3 Antec Super Lanboys, I like them. Good air flow. Each one was about $70.
    I have one Antec Nine Hundred, I really like it. great air flow. Bought on sale from Frys $78 delivered.
    I have 2 Antec Three Hundreds, I like them as much as the Nine Hundred, Great air flow. $55 each delivered from Amazon.
    I like the PSU at the bottom of both the Antec Three Hundred and the Nine Hundred. The Three Hundred has an air filter in the front of the case.
    Everything considered I think the Antec Three Hundred is the best case deal around.
  12. I'd definitely find a good full tower.. you don't have to buy top of the line, but a full tower would make your job so much easier.
  13. From experience...a cheapo case is mostly made of lightweight
    material and is sometimes rather flimsy, resulting in unwanted
    case vibration from household movement, and the case material
    mostly allows heat build-up related woes no matter how much
    you try to cool it, by that I mean heat build-up in the case
    material itself....Critical screw terminals tend to warp or wear
    easier and faster...etc...
    I almost always build using a decent mid-grade to good quality
    case, keeping the view in mind of the needs of the owner of
    the system. I always reccomend the best case affordable
    cause after all, if you want solid dependability and long
    life usage with the least hassle you mostly get what you
    pay for.
    btw...a cheapo-case when bumped just a little most often
    allows for hd vibration leading to hd corruption and data
    loss. Perhaps I, and the people I build for, are clumsy...but
    accidental bumping of the comp case seems to be a regular
    issue with some folks.
  14. Tyrvidar said:
    I'd definitely find a good full tower.. you don't have to buy top of the line, but a full tower would make your job so much easier.


    I personally like the looks of this one. Anyone have any experience with it?
  15. I have the same question.. getting ready to build my first system.
    my computer is the centerpiece of my apartment so it must look super cool, with interior and fan light, and be an awesome machine.

    please comment on these cases:
    CoolerMaster HAF932?

    ZALMAN Fatality?

    Silverstone Tejmin TJ10B?

    ALSO, how do you Keep the inside from getting full of dust... i want it to always look new inside? like a showcase.
  16. Personally I like the CoolerMaster or the Zalman, not so much the Silverston Tejmin. Anyway to keep the case from collecting dust you keep your apartment clean, and you get a Costco membership so that you can buy a cheep 4 pack of compressed air ^_^.
  17. megamanx00 said:
    Personally I like the CoolerMaster or the Zalman, not so much the Silverston Tejmin. Anyway to keep the case from collecting dust you keep your apartment clean, and you get a Costco membership so that you can buy a cheep 4 pack of compressed air ^_^.

    I laughed, but it's true... costco memberships pay for themselves with just the compressed air :)

    You get the slide out tray and separate HD area on the Silverstone.

    I don't like the Cooler Master because it's a bit too ventilated. I want to control my air flow as it travels through the case. If there's holes everywhere then air leaks out and you don't get a steady flow over the parts you need.

    The Zalman is good, as long as those 92mm fans in front aren't noisy.
  18. Thanks for all the comments. I ended up buying the Antec 1200. I hope I made a good decision. I paid 172.50 including shipping and taxes for it.

    The only problem I have is that I will have to take out every fan (since they all have LEDs on them). I bought 7 other fans at around 8$ each which I will put in there.
  19. Three builds this week! One more coming within a few days. Over 4500$ worth of hardware (not including what we already had).

    2 High Ends
    1 Low End

    2000$ Workstation to be made next week... Back to searching the net for latest hardware...

    ** Edit : I'm not paying for all this, I just get the chance to build it... I'm way too poor. Still fun to mess with the latest hardware though.
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