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i just ran mark 06 on my newly set up xfire 5770's---19472 points ---- and only 12605 on vantage ---- both runs at stock settings ---- thats like 2000-3000 points lower than most reviews ive read --- is it my cpu bottlenecking ?
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  1. What CPU are you using? We can't tell you what the bottleneck is without system info for the things outside of your Xfire 5770's.
  2. AMD Phenom II 720 BE OC to 3.7Ghz should not bottleneck your cards.

    How much RAM?
  3. Which version of the CCC drivers do you have? could be a driver update, or even possibly a roll-back, would help.
  4. sorry flyin--- i thought it showed my system---i am running a phenom II 720 at 3.7mhz--- 2x2gb ocz 800mhz 4-4-4-17 ---
  5. 9.11----actually lost 80 points with 9.12
  6. remotehugger said:
    sorry flyin--- i thought it showed my system---i am running a phenom II 720 at 3.7mhz--- 2x2gb ocz 800mhz 4-4-4-17 ---

    No prob- I realized after I posted that, that I could find it if I clicked through to your profile and stuff- forgot about that:-p.

    Anyway- I've heard from several of my friends that 9.12 loses a little performance, but obviously you found that out and are using 9.11, so that rules that out... I don't know if you've tried comparing your system to other DDR2 machines- is possible that your DDR2 memory bandwidth is dropping your score a bit compared to a DDR3 machine? (I don't know what those you are comparing to are running). You might try pushing your ram speed up a little and see if that makes a difference. Thats really the only thing that comes to mind looking at your system specs and stuff.
  7. my ram is at 860--i tried loosening the timings a little too--- my brother is running xfire 4870's -- 2x2gb ddr3 1600 @1667 8-8-8-24 ----- a 955 be at 3.9mhz and is scoring just under 17000 on vantage --- would memory make me lose 4-5 thousand points ? seems like i should be owning him ---
  8. and how do i get my specs to show up like urs ?
  9. I doubt the RAM would make that much of a difference. The extra CPU core will help his score a bit, and the 4870's are still a little bit better performance than the 5770s, but I am surprised by 4-5000 points. have you compared just GPU/3D score rather than the total score (which includes CPU score, where he will beat you a bit)?
    Edit: to get your specs to show up, you have to put them in your signature in your forum settings and also set it to "display signature"
  10. yes---my gpu score is only 10000---which i know is low--- his is 13000 ish------mobo maybe ? and thanks for the info on my specs
  11. What mobo is he using? You are running a 790GX chipset- the only way I can possibly see a difference is if he is using a 790FX chipset, and even then, the 8x PCI-e shouldn't be saturated by a 5770 or 4870... have you tried completely sweeping your drivers away, and verifying that you are running xfire, and not just using one GPU.
    I just check my score (my single 4870 with a bit of an OC and my i5 OC) and my GPU score is around 10000 as well, which means you might only be actually utilizing 1 of your GPUs. I don't know how to verify that really since I've never X-Fire, but I would suggest running GPU-Z or something while you are running 3dMark Vantage and see if you've got utilization on both cores. My friend had an issue when setting up his 4890's in X-Fire where he had to completely wipe his drivers and follow a specific process to install them to run his X-Fire properly. Something to try at least... I don't know the process though, but you should be able to find it if you google search setting up X-Fire.
  12. gpuz says xfire enabled---ccc shows and lets me clock each card seperately--so everything looks right---my xfire bridges are facing the same way --- msi afterburner also shows gpu-1 and gpu-2 core/mem/usage/ etc ..... even at 920/1390 oc (yes both cards r same oc) lol ---i still only score 13022 on vantage ? my brothers board is an asus m4a79xtd evo----it has the 790x ---- thank you for all your input ---- wondering if i should rma these cards and try the xfx or the his cards ?
  13. It shouldn't be the cards... I would suggest giving your drivers a full wipeout running in safe-mode and making sure you get rid of all trace of them, and then reinstall and see if that helps at all- my friends 4890's said they were running in X-Fire, but the scaling was crappy until he completely wiped and reinstalled his drivers.
  14. yea--- ive done it like four times --- including once with the 9.12 ---- i eas gonna try again anyway --- gonna take my cards to my brothers tomorrow and put them on his board and see what happens - gonna keep messing around till then though -- im tired of my brother telling me i fail ---lol --- ty for the ideas --- i will post the results from my brothers board tomorrow night ---
  15. Thanks- I'll keep thinking and researching to see what I can come up with as well. Hope you get it figured out.
  16. 9.12 is on amd's website now --- gonna clean it up and dwnld it from there and see what happens :)
  17. ok-----so i took my cards to my brothers and plugged them into his box---955be @ 3.9 ---- ddr3 mem @1666 ---- stock 06 score on his was 21874 --- mine was 19907 --- both on 9.12 drivers ---- so its my memory or my cpu --- think i will try some ddr2 pc 9500 and see what it does ---- not much luck oeverclocking these sapphires --- still trying to tweak it though --- any suggestions ?
  18. well i cant seem to get these cards to overclock very well in xfire----i can get the core to 930mhz and mem to 1370. ive pushed the volts to 1.25 and still no luck. anyone having better luck ?
  19. GO to CCC, go to V-sync settings, set it to disabled.
    set all the other settings to performance not to quality

    enjoy your new score.
  20. i cant find the v-sync---all other settings are on performance
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