Killer combo deal if you need a dirt cheap rig right now

just saw this combo deal:

Basically a free processor. Not the fastest by any means, but if you grab a cheap AM2 board like this:

You can put together a system for nuttin'. :)
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  1. I saw that Proximon, it is a great deal for a mid range budget system
  2. that is a great deal. i just ordered it, plus 4gig of g.skill, a zalman 7500a, artic silver 5, gigabyte 780g matx board for under $360 ($430 with tax and shipping). however, the antec case still qualifies for $50 mir so total should be $380 = good times indeed. i have a few extra hdd's lying around as well as a 7950gt collecting dust. pretty sweet system for the price. it will be an extra pc for my wife and i to use. it can also be a guest gaming pc. my current spare pc (amd 3000+ s754 with 1gig and 6800gt) i'll just give to my parents.
  3. I saw that, and I'm about to build, but I'm sick and tired of rebate games. They need to just drop the price and have done with it.
  4. Me too jtt, but i just collect the checks as they come in (4 months!!!) and put them in my "new build budget account"
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