RAID 0 speed issue

I got 2 60GB OCZ SSD agility series that I want to use for gaming and running win7 on.

I tested them individually with HD Tune Pro.

Unpartitioned: avg read = 230 MB/s
NTFS partitioned (4KB cluster size): avg read = 205 MB/s

I added both of those in a raid 0 on my rocketraid card.

Raid 0 NTFS (default cluster size): avg read = 150 MB/s

Why is this happening? Do I need to configure them in a certain way?

Thanks for your help.
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  1. How did you set up the RAID array? Software- or hardware-based?
  2. I have a HighPoint RocketRaid 3120 card. I added both my SSDs on it. I am sorry my computer knowledge is pretty limited, but I think that's a hardware raid. I just followed the default steps to create a raid 0 on it during bootup.
  3. Post screenshot here of the Random Access and File Benchmark of HDTune Pro, and we'll have a look to see if your RAID is performing properly.
  4. Drive 1:

    Drive 2:


  5. Are you really running Windows 7? Looks more like XP to me. With XP you have misaligned partitions that decrease RAID0 performance.

    Also, what stripesize did you use to configure the RAID0? You may gain more performance out of software RAID (even with XP or Windows 7) but you would lose boot support, meaning you need to use another system drive to boot from.
  6. No, I am not running win 7 yet. That's what I would like to do once I have raid properly configured. I have win xp running on a velociraptor.

    I had NTFS formatted the SSDs individually for single drive tests. Then when I built the array it removed all partitions and I had to format it again to NTFS.

    I am not sure how to check the stripe size for my raid controller. I left everything default when I built the raid array for the SSDs. The only thing I remember seeing during the config was a sector size, which I left to default as well.
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    Well right now your RAID sucks. Your performance is lower than a single SSD.

    Thats due to two things:
    - misalignment due to windows XP
    - RAID controller not fast enough

    The RAID controller wasnt made to handle SSDs; the SSDs are too fast for the controller to keep up with. You either need software RAID or you should avoid RAID; hardware RAID limits the performance. With software RAID your CPU is alot stronger and can handle many more IOps.
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