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Hi all, :hello:
I have a quick question for you.
I'm building a new system, with 3 monitors.
I've got a P45 mobo with no on-board VGA and a 4870X2, with 2 DVI outputs.
Can I get any other cheap video card for the 3rd monitor?
I only want to game with one monitor, connected to the 4870's so performance of the 3rd one isn't an issue just don't want to pay much for it..
So will everything work together if I just get any old PCI-E vid card?
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  1. just make it's an ati card so you don't have driver issuses
  2. Cool cheers, so like an X1650, £30, will do the job?
  3. If you have XP, any cheap dual monitor card will work. (assuming you really don't care about the performance of the monitors.) If you have Vista, it must also support the same driver as the 4870x2, so it must be an AMD card. The x1650 and the 4870x2 probably still share the same driver, though you might want to get something a bit more recent so that they share the same driver 2 years from now.
  4. You going to use the 3 monitor software for w-i-d-e angle gameing?
  5. Well I bought them for web development, I can have code on one design on another and firefox on the other. But I did want to use it for gaming as well, just not sure what will run at any decent fps at 3840x1024 res, was just gonna go down to a single monitor for games.
  6. It might be a bit more expensive, but I'd probably look for an older 2xxx or 3xxx card. These should use the same driver as the 4870x2 for a lot longer then the x1650. The x1650 still uses the same driver (i think) but seeing as its DX9 only, who knows what might happen in the future.
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