Please Help An Amateur With A Motherboard Issue

Hi all,

My computer doesn't run "poorly", though I purchased GTA4 recently and was having abysmal performance. This has lead me on an optimization rampage to try and get the game working.

I updated all my drivers, including chipset, video card, network, sound card, and bios.

My setup is as follows:

Win XP
Asus P5NSLI Motherboard
2GB of Ram

Now, with all drivers updated, my game is still not working, and I am getting roughly 5fps.

But here is where I need help.

I went on because they have a neat online method of scanning your pc and finding issues. Well an issue they found with my computer was that my motherboard was somehow only operating at 30% power. Apparently it is doing ~5000 mips (I think that is the unit), but others who are running the same board as me are seeing 15,000 mips.

FURTHERMORE, they say my RAM is also not at 100% operating speed. I think they benchmarked it at 30% as well.

This had me very worried, so I downloaded PCMark and ran a benchmark of my system. I only had the trial version so all I got was a general score of 2900. Searching around I found people with score near and above 10,000.

So, are these software applications just sending me the wrong message, or is there something holding back my system. And if there is something wrong with my system, what could it be? None of the bios, video card, or processor settings have been messed with. And as I said, all new drivers, so if there were any settings errors they should have been reset.

I am at a loss, and frankly quite worried. Especially since my system meets minimum specs, but can only play GTA4 at 5 fps.

Thanks for any help!
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  1. What CPU do you have? What RAM do you have? (download cpuz and this will help you to identify)
  2. It is possible your CPU has throttled back due to heat. What are your temps?
  3. Thanks for the replies guys. jtt283 was correct. I downloaded the Asus Probe tool, and found that my CPU was seeing temps of 77-78 degrees celsius. Opened the case, gave the fans a quick cleaning, and I am down to 45 degrees celsius. Perhaps with a thorough cleaning I can get it a bit cooler. And my framerates in GTA4 went from 5 to 20.

    Not the best framerates I know, but the its playable, and I cant expect more from my system.

    Thanks again guys!
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