Overclocking with i7 and dx58so

Im looking to perform a mild overclock on my intel i7-920 and dx58so build. Im also a little curious as to how I should adjust the timings and voltage of my OCZ3G1600LV6GK memory. Im new to overclocking so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Current Build:
Intel i7-920
Intel dx58so motherboard
6 gbs of OCZ3G1600LV6GK memory
intel x25m 80 gb solid state
1 TB WD black edition
BFG 9800gtx
OCZ Fatal1ty 550W power supply
Liteon Blu-ray
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  1. I have almost the exact same setup as you, same mobo cpu ram and hard drive. I've tried overclocking mine already and can easily get it to 3.2ghz on the stock fan but I'm having some other weird trouble.

    About a quarter of the time when I do a cold boot the computer will start up, but nothing appears onscreen. I've waited to see if it just took awhile but the nothingness persists. I have to manually reset the computer and then it works just fine. I'm almost certain it's posting just fine as the hd light is flashing and I get no messages that it failed to post or anything like that.

    I'm not quite sure what the problem is here and I'm worried about keeping it at the OCed values if there is something seriously wrong.

    The only settings I have changed were setting the base core to 160 and the voltage to 1.225. When it does boot up properly I've not noticed any problems and seems stable enough, so whats wrong?
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