K9A2 Platinum South Bridge

I am planning to upgrade to a new Phenom II but I am wondering if the K9A2 Platinum would be a good choice with an SB600 south bridge? I want this to last 2 years and I am not so sure the K9A2 would be a good choice considering I would miss out on the features of an SB750. The reason I am choosing it is because of its good track record, placement of PCI-e slots, and its T3 RAID controller that I am planning to hook 2 SAS drives in RAID 0.

Does the SB750 make much of a difference in Overclocking then an SB600, and if so does the benefit of running 2 SAS drives in RAID 0 supercede this benefit?
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  1. I recommend getting a Gigabyte or an ASUS motherboard first. Then wait for the price drops on the Phenom II. MSI is a garbage retailer, ASrock, Jetway, ECS, and Foxconn are also better buys than MSI (remember this statment "MSI likes to die") the worst thing is they take lots of other things out when they go (CPU, GFX, RAM, and HDD's). Although I'd wait till summer for the real AM3 motherboards to surface (those use DDR3).
  2. I really want to avoid Gigabyte and Asus on an AM2+ board. The newegg customer reviews have not been to positive for their AM2+ boards. Only positive one was the FX board but I don't like its layout. I am considering sticking with my old ASrock board until AM3 and doing a soft hardware upgrade of ram and processor, but it will be bottle necked by HT1.0. Also I don't want to be an early adopter of AM3 boards since they will surely have flaws and bugs the first month.
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