My burner is not reading my burned data dvds

hi, i have a LG GE20LU10 USB dvd burner, and it reads cds fine, and professionally made dvd's fine, like movies. but with my old burner i burned a ton of movies on dvd's on my own using starburn software. my old burner was able to read the self made dvds fine, but i cant use it anymore.

each dvd has about 3 movies on it, and my new burner doesn't read the dvd's i burned with the movies on them. any help or ideas greatly appreciated. thank you. derek (im using windows xp and i have the most current drivers for the drive i also set the region to United States or region 1)
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    Hmmm, unfortunately there's not that much you can do, other than trying another DVD burner drive from another brand, like Samsung or Philips. Drives are a bit wonky when trying to read burnt media created by other brands.
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  3. thank you. ya i ordered another drive to see if that works. at least ill have a backup now. hehe. thank you.
  4. If the original drive works.
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