I7 920 on Asus P6T Deluxe V2 Hard Freeze

I recently installed a new heatsink on my custom system to try and solve a problem that I had been having for a while. Every time I had tried to play a game, after a while, it would freeze and loop the current sound file, and I would be forced to shut down. It also set my graphics card fans to full speed. I checked many things, whether it was any type of problem, and came to the conclusion that it is a heat issue. I installed a new NH-D14 on my CPU, and that kept the CPU temps down enough. So, I didn't have the problem for a while. But recently, I started using an SMP Folding program to use all 8 virtual cores on my i7 920, so its always at 100% load. Still, the CPU temp is only around 50C. Graphics cards are around 35-40C. I have concluded that it is either a North Bridge or RAM overheating. I have no idea how to test if either is overheating, nor how to fix the problem even if I found out which it was. Right now, my only solution is to not fold while I game, but I would like to do both.

Does anyone know what the problem is, or how to fix it?
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  1. Can anyone help at all?
  2. Hi Artinz,

    I have the P6T SE, and I've been having the same problem for the past month.

    I found out what was wrong though. Try changing the value of "DRAM Back-To-Back CAS# Delay" from [Auto] to 6.

    Let me know if that fixed your problem.

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