Building new Budget comp help?

Looking to build a new gaming comp, I have a old HP first am I able to use the HD and burner out of it? Second I was looking to try and use this case and CPU since i figure its a good deal for 79.99 after mail in

video card was looking to use a 8800gt and 64 bit vista also any help will be appreciated thanks in advance
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  1. CPU Intel Core 2 Duo e8400

    CPU Cooler XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 120mm Rifle CPU Cooler with Retention bracket

    MoBo Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L

    Ram Mushkin DDR2-800 (2x1GB)

    HDD Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB SATA

    DVD Samsung SH-S223Q
  2. If your old hard disk and burner are PATA, get the new SATA kind.
    Add the old hard disk as an extra hard disk.
  3. is the amd 5400 that comes with the case a terrible processor or could be used for now?
  4. The AMD X2 5400+ is an AM2 processor. It's modern, up to date.
    You need a different motherboard for that.
  5. Get this motherboard:

  6. well my comp does have a 200gb sata hard drive which stands for serial ata correct?
  7. Get this cooler, if you are overclocking:

    Sunbeam CR-CCTF 120mm "Core Contact Freezer" CPU Cooler - Retail

    Top 5 Low Profile Heatsinks on Frostytech
  8. JJR8588 said:
    is the amd 5400 that comes with the case a terrible processor or could be used for now?

    For the price, that is a very good deal. The 5400+BE is a good cpu and should oc to 3.2Ghz. Is this computer going to be used for gaming? If not you can pair this with a 780G motherboard and use the onboard graphics.
  9. Quote:
    well my comp does have a 200gb sata hard drive which stands for serial ata correct?

  10. By the way, the combo price is $79.99 (after rebate)+$129.99 as far I understand.
    Intel is better, but AMD not that bad.
  11. if you add the combo to your cart it comes up 129.99 and has the 50 dollars off rebate still. there pretty much giving you the CPU for free i guess and is 500w enough, and ya its 200gb sata 7200 rpm HD
  12. Yup that's a good case and the processor is good especially sinc. As for which motherboard you should use that depends. Since you want to use an 8800GT get an SLi board if you want to get another latter for increased performance. If your only going to go with a single card then I'd reccommend getting a good 770 board like this one from Gigabyte

    I'd really recommend going with ATI right now and getting a 4850 instead of an 8800GT depending on your budget. If you have money for a better board though then consider a crossfire board such as a 790x or 790FX based board so that you can crossfire that card latter.
  13. Here's a low budget build using that case/psu deal with the CPU combo deal. It also includes a great deal on a 9600GSO with good cooling solution for that case. It's not up to 8800GT standards or 4850 standards, but it's only $50 after rebate and adequate for a 17 inch or 19 inch monitor.
    Total cost of the system is about $350 after rebates and including shipping.

    Case/psu -
    CPU -
    motherboard -
    Memory -
    CPU cooler -
    Graphic card -
    Hard drive -
    DVD burner -

    You can re-use your HD and burner for even more savings. Limited time on these deals though, so be careful.

    Graphic card hierarchy chart so you can see where a 9600GSO fits in.,2011-6.html
    *edit* the 500w antec Earthwatts is enough power for any of the 3 cards mentioned.
  14. you going to Overclock? if you will, E5200 (85$) FTW and that will save you for a 4850(170$). get an AC Freezer 7 Pro (25$). Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L (110$) with 4 gigs of ram (70$). A HDD of 250gb (60$) + the Optical one(25$) and the Vista home prem 64b(110$)...

    BTW, i strongly recommend the Antec 300 as a case (50$ on $ Amazon) with the Corsair 550w PSU (85$ too on buy and Amazon). They are not in a combo deal but the psu has 20$ rebate wich would give a total of 115$+free ship against the Antec deal of Newegg of 80$+22 ship. furthermore, the corsair psu is better psu than the Earthwatts.

    All of these for an amazing price of 770$ and guarantees Godlike quality! :O
    All further job would be Overclock it like Hell and you will have a Pwnage Monsta that would eat the e8400+8800gt 1000$ build for dinner!!
  15. yes I will be using this for gaming as why i wanted the 8800gt or something around or a little under and also wanted a mobo that i could use for sli or xfire when I get a little more money trying to get everything together and ordered soon so far it looks as.

    and Vista 64bit prem
    and will be stripping the 250gig HD and lightscribe out of my hp
    now just need cooling unit, video and mobo, I would rather slip buy with a decent video card and spend a little more on the mobo for xfire and sli card in a few months Thanks again all the help is appreciated
  16. I recently was in a similar position as you were...I decided to reuse my old hdd and dvd burner from my previous computer...I built my current rig fro $400 and I absolutely love it!

    fast dual core + 4850 + 770 chipset = awesome budget build...
  17. I might go with this upgraded motherboard that would allow 8x/8x crossfire. Also supports Phenom FX and Phenom CPUs for future CPU upgrade.
    then use a HD4850 for graphic card, just be aware that adding another 4850 in crossfire would be pushing that 500w power supply. An optimum solution for the GPU and that case would be one that blows hot air out the back of the case. This doesn't do it, but it is a nice cooling solution to the reference cooler.

    ^ or go with Ahslan choice.
  18. so if i were to get the 4850 and a 770 mobo i could get a new mobo when i wanted to go 2x or xfire correct and then put in a new power supply this might be the best way to go?
  19. If it were me, I'd go for a better mobo right now, and better PSU, as well as 4850, then you can crossfire later. Also, newegg had the 5000+ x2, though not the black edition for 66 recently. I've got a 5200 x2 windsor core and it runs great even at stock speed.
  20. when buying stuff from newegg, make sure to take advantage of promo codes and combo deals...I saved a ton doing this...
  21. Well heres the final build. Just need a mobo not sure which one looking for a decent mobo that can handle a CPU upgrade in a year and another 3870 with a PSU upgrade when i get more money and is this ram ok being 800 and not 1066




    i also do plan to oc it a little so which cooling unit will finish it off. will be taking my 250gb hdd outta my old hp unless would be easier spend another 75 for 2 new drives. thanks again plan on ordering everything by the 19th for the case/cpu deal
  22. if you are getting a 3870, its not worth getting a mobo that supports crossfire in order to crossfire two of them...might as well save money and get a 4850 which will outdo two 3870s by itself...

    Im not saying the 3870 is a bad card at just isnt worth crossfiring...
  23. In all honesty do you guys think i should get this combo or wait out a little while till i save another few hundred and get a quad core. This cpu seems like if i OC it to about 3.0 itd be pretty fast but will in the end I be buying a new cpu in less then 2 yrs? if not i'll order the combo tonight and put everything on hold till i decide on all the other bits and pieces.
  24. Look man, bottom line is most of the time, a system won't be futureproof. Technology just moves so fast. I mean between ATI and nvidia we've had what 2-3 generations of video cards released in about a year for example. If it were me, I think I'd go with the combo with the Antec case and PSU. For a good cpu and the antec case with name brand PSU for that price, that looks like an excellent deal really, I mean they nearly give you the chip. You probably will upgrade within 2 years, but hopefully you can build something that will be able to accept the newer tech when it arrives. However if it were me, I would consider getting a nice AM2+ mobo that can support a quad or tri core later. Or hopefully an AM3 chip whenever those come out. Get as much memory as you can afford. And the best video card you can afford. If you don't have a lot of cash, start with that combo, get a good board, crossfire if you want it, and at least 2 gb worth of memory.

    Maybe something like this on a mobo. I have never used this mobo before, maybe someone else can comment on it. But I have used biostar and found them to be reliable boards.

    So 130 for the combo with case and PSU and chip. 230 bucks after the crossfire mobo. Like I said get as much ram as you can. Really, I run on 2 gb of memory, so you can even start there and add more later if you are short. 2gb will do fine for a while.

    So 230 bucks. Here's a 4850 for 170 but has a 30 dollar mail in rebate.

    So 230+140(after rebate)=370 bucks, add say 30 for a cooler, probably can get one cheaper...400, max of 50 bucks for 2 gb of ram, probably less here as well. So after rebates, and shipping you have a pretty nice system reusing your old parts for under 500 bucks. Then later if you want a quad, pop a quad in that motherboard, add more memory and another 4850 and you are set to go again.
  25. Final question before ordering tonight what else do i need to the cart to finish things off and that i'll probably need since its my first build, and also checking that this mobo will hold up for a quad core and 2 4850s



    ram best thing for the price it seemed if any else has better deal lemme know going 4 gigs also since i intend on running vista 64bit

    figured was best deal for the money with the zalman fan if anyone else has a better deal on a 4850 post please

    lastly which heat sink should i toss in for 29.99 or under and any other additional things to toss in let me know will be ordering at least the CPU combo by midnight thanks again.
  26. just found these 2 combos on the mobo and ram which will be a big save which will be better for the money

    for 132.98 after mail in or


  27. just ordered the CPU/PSU/Case combo for was 152.90 shipped then the 50 dollar rebate I couldn't pass that up I'll order the mobo/ram combo tomorrow when I get some feedback before that ends thanks
  28. NICE combo thats what I call a deal...
  29. I very much like the combo you got, like me, I know the intel is faster, but to get an 80 dollar chip, as well as a 130 dollar case/psu set for basically 100 bucks after rebate. That's a steal. Way to save 110 bucks.
  30. Well I guess that was a good grab but for the mobo/ram combo i'd rather save the extra 40 and just get the OCZ gold instead the reaper unless the 1066 will run vista 64 bit alot smoother, and also the mobo will be fine with crossfire and 2 4850s sorry for all the questions as this is my first build. and which heatsink is decent for under 30, seems like thermaltakes best manufacturer. also will I need to order any glue or other things for the build. thanks again folks
  31. well you can order some thermal paste, but usually the aftermarket heatsink will come with for heatsink, there are SOO many to choose from...just head over to newegg again and check em out...
  32. For thermal paste, a lot of guys like artic sliver 5. A tip for you though, these athlons seem to run cool anyway, I know mine only goes into the 30's I think, I think in the winter it was in the high 20's a lot too, on the stock heatsink and paste mind you.

    I don't know that the faster ram will really make things run faster, but for future upgrades, like if you want to try a quad in it later, it may make life easier. The other guys here probably know more on that than myself though. But do also remember to get case fans. The higher flow the better. Maybe like a 120 mm for the back to suck air out, possibly an intake fan and if your case accepts side fans those are a good idea as well. The other thing you may want is a pci slot cooler fan to sit under your video card or cards to suck the heat off of them and out the back to keep it as cool as possible.

    And don't be nervous. It's easier now I think than 10 years ago when I started working on them. Just make sure you use your brass standoffs in the right spots for your board, be easy with everything, and then check and recheck your cable connections and that you have all your power plugs plugged in correctly. And for your first build, take a little extra time.

    Personally, I recommend you build on say a kitchen table. A place where there is no carpet, don't wear socks or wooly clothes when you do the build, and be relatively still. Whenever you get ready to touch a part, touch a metal unpainted part of the case, then you can touch the part. However, avoid touching the chips on things as much as possible, and on the cpu, do not touch the pins if you can help it. If you are still uncomfortable, also look into an esd wrist strap. That will help you stay grounded, as static electricity can kill parts. Also, whenever you use the thermal paste, use a little, like about the size of a grain of rice, a dot in the middle of the chip is enough really. Then just use maybe a plastic bag around your finger to spread it. But if you use too much, you may actually make the chip run hotter, because if too much is used the thermal paste can actually insulate the chip, thereby causing it to run hot.
  33. so the motherboard of choice will last and be suitable for a quad core and 2 4850s in a yr or so? and I think I'll probably just end up going with the 800 ram and if need be for quad core in 2 yrs i'll just spend the extra for the 1066
  34. Just ordered
    with 4 gigs of 800 OCZ reaper combo for 169.98 shipped with 20 dollar mail in so 150 can't beat that video card will be ordered tomorrow to complete the beast between a gigabyte 4850 or the palit which is cheaper but the gigabyte has the zalman fan so.
  35. I think you will be very happy with that setup. May not be as fast as an Intel, but for the price, I think you are gonna be a happy camper dude.
  36. once i over clock it to 3.0-3.2 it'll be just as fast for a fraction of the cost FREE! haha
  37. I'll be honest with you too, even with my 5200 running at stock a lot of times, it's still fast. Load it down with a good video card and lots of memory and it'll rock for games.
  38. ran into a quick problem so the 4850 is going on hold for a month or so whats the next best thing for under 100? 3850 or something of that sort
  39. well the comp is done everything ordered and looks as follows






    forgot to order thermalpaste hopefully i can pick some up in town all for 486.95 then have 95 bucks worth of mail in rebates so a grand total of
    391.95 don't think I can complain really :) thanks for the help also everywhere now to learn how to build reading and more reading since im in no hurry to screw it up.
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