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:hello: This is really a stupid question but I cannot figure the answer out :pt1cable: I have a dual 22 inch setup and the way I had it was that my primary monitor was to the right monitor (desktop) and I usually extend my desktop to the left monitor ( I would drag my windows and stuff to the left monitor). Well ever since updating the stupid driver and even doing a rollback of the old driver all I can do is drag windows to the right and not to the left of the screen. So now I have to drag my windows right to appear on the left monitor instead of how I was able to do before which would be dragging my windows to the left of the screen to appear on the left monitor. Any ideas of what setting I may need to select in order to achieve the results I use to have? I tried to do some research and nothing has shown up to be useful. As always, thank you for the help!

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  1. Check the location of the monitors in display properties, they probably swapped places. Or pick up one of the monitors and move it to the other side.
  2. Location and everything was still the same, just do not understand what caused it to switch around. I swapped the monitor cable locations going to the back of the computer to switch it around to be able to use my dual monitor setup but was wondering if there is a setting that I was over looking about dragging windows to a monitor that was on the left instead of on the right.
  3. Monitor 1 and 2 may have gotten swapped. If you do an Identify, it will come up on the screen which is 1 and which is 2. The only thing that affects where they are in relation to each other is that display setting and how you move the monitors there. The video card also has a "main" output, the monitor connected to it should be detected first and be set as Monitor 1. So if you have a physical setup where Monitor 1 is on the left, Monitor 2 is on the right, but in the Windows setup you have Monitor 2 on the left, when you move a window from one to the other, it will look like it's going in the opposide side of the screen.
  4. You missed the instruction hang-the-9 gave in his first response.

    Go to the desktop, right-click and select Properties.
    Click the Settings tab.
    All your monitors will show in the box.
    Click and drag your monitors to the logical position you want them in (they move in the box).
    Put your monitors in the physical position to match the logical position.
    Click Identify to be sure they are what you want.
    Click OK and then drag something across to see that if putting the extra monitor to the left of the main monitor in Properties will indeed cause it to drag from one monitor to the other to the left rather than the right.
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