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Hey guys just a quick question. A friend of mine has an nvidia 680i motherboard(i believe) he is going to give me with and intel 775 socket. I bought a new intel dual core 2.5ghz wolfdale 2mb l2 and 800mhz fsb chip http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819116072 which i may try and bump to 3ghz From what I have read on the reviews of that chip people are saying the stock intel heatsink/fan is a POS and that an aftermarket heatsink is MANDATORY My old system has an amd athlon 64fx chip and this heatsink http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835185125 I know it doesnt list 775 socket but do any of you know if this will fit my new 775 socket dual core? I'm really hoping I dont have to spring for a new heatsink. If i have to sell my left nut and get a new heatsink what would you recommend for that chip? I was looking at this zalman http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835118223
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  1. If it doesn't list it, it doesn't support it. It needs a different bracket to work, which is not made.

    I have a sunbeam core contact freezer HS, it's awesome and its on sale for $17 after rebate:

    LOLs @ left nut =<$39.99
  2. to compare the different coolers, go to frostytech.com, they have done good work.
  3. I got my friends board and installed everything. When idle the cpu is around 33-34 deg celsius, under load it reaches around 48 (with the stock heatsink). Obviously the 939 fan wont fit that board(i found out) but is there a conversion kit i can get that will allow me to use my old arctic cooling fan with a 775 socket? I know you said they arent made but the new zalmans seem to come with a bunch of brackets that fit 939 to 775. I would like to try and push the cpu to around 3.0-3.5 and my old artic cooling heatsink was great at keeping my temperatures low and actually fit in my case(with and inch or so to spare, its a coolermaster cm690) so I dont know if the new 775 ac heatsink would fit or not since its a little bigger.
  4. I'm not saying they don't make a bracket that will work with A socket 939, I'm saying that your socket 939 heatsink doesn't have a bracket that will allow it to work on a socket 775. IIRC, the socket 939 has 3 tabs on each side of the bracket covering the CPU. A pic of your AC heatsink shows it has that exact tab spacing. The multi socket heatsinks you are talking about don't have a bracket built onto the heatsink, they have various other mounting bits that are added to the heatsink for whatever socket you want.

    Does that make sense?
  5. Ah gotcha! Well I would say the stock heatsink is doing fairly well, wouldn't you? I think the problem other people where having was that they didn't use any thermal paste. The stock sink comes with 3 tiny stripes on it(i accidentally touched it and noticed my fingerprint) and one guy said his would reach 80c on 100% load. Well after running the cpu at 100% load for probably more than 30 min temps didnt even reach 50c. While running 3dmark or prime it reached around 48-49c, and I have only used the cpu for a few days so I know the paste isn't even set yet. I just don't know if the sink is good enough to push this baby to 3.5
  6. Umm what are you measuring temps with BTW?

    Benching software and such is very varied. I use these for each purpose:
    These are pretty standard and used by many.
    Monitoring the PC temps overall: HW monitor aka hardware monitor
    CPUZ for CPU info
    GPUZ for GPU info
    CPU only: Real Temp
    GPU only: ATI Tool, I have a Nivida GTX280, so it works on Nvidia

    Loading/benching tools:
    CPU loaders: Prime95 and OCCT Prime 95 small FFTS for the best loader for temp checking
    GPU Loaders: ATI Tool and the best one is Furmark, nothing pushes the GPU harder right now.
    Benching for overall graphics/gaming performance is 3DMark06
  7. I take that back, what was reaching 48-49c seems to be my gpu. The cores are at 35c and 42c on idle or browsing the web, listening to music, multitasking, ect. When on full load using 3dmark06 they reach 39c and 44c. Conumdrum, I am using speedfan for all my temperature but have been looking around for something a little better for just temperatures.
  8. HW Monitor or realtemp then. 3dMark pushes the GPU, not the CPU. Prime 95 samll ffts for 30 min on an air cooler.
  9. Dude - check the May 2009 Budget build here. They left the stock cooler on and pushed the chip to 4! They dropped it to 3.5 i think for long term stability. I only mention this because you seem to be tight on cash. Your left nut is worth more than $12, trust me.

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