E6600 versus my patience...

I could use some expert advice. First off, specs:

Mobo: Asus Striker Extreme
CPU: Intel Core 2 duo e6600
Video: Evga GTX 260
Ram: Patriot PC2-6400 2x2gb 5-5-5-12 2v
PSU: Coolmax CUG-700B (700w)
OS: Windows 7

I'm trying to get a stable 3ghz on stock hsf. It's running in windows, and im able to use it, but it has locked up a few times and i want it stable.

Tried 1.35, 1.375, 1.38, and now 1.4v.

1.4 ran prime 95 for about 7 hours before lockup.

Was able to memtest for 10.5 hours with zero errors, then called ram good and went back to bios.

Can someone please look at my settings and let me know if I'm missing something obvious, and if I should give it more juice, or give it less, etc. Pulling my hair out, please help. :)

The last image was only after 10 minutes to show load temps. After 7 hours, the tc was 56-59c and the core #0 and core #1 never went above 55c

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  1. Bump your NB voltage to 1.4 and see if that helps any.
  2. I'll set it and let it run tonight. I'll report back in the morning. thanks
  3. So far so good. Started at 9:30 last night and its still running without locking up or errors.

    If this is stable for atleast 12 hours, is it possible that the increase in NB voltage is all i needed? and if so, is it also possible that i can lower my cpu voltage?
  4. UPDATE:

    18 hours and no errors. I'm thinking its stable. Now I kinda want to see if I can lower the voltage. I'm wondering if the nb voltage was the problem all along.

    What would be a good low starting voltage for this cpu to test?
  5. also, thanks a ton to Jedimasterben. Apparently, he really -is- a jedi.
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