I have two sata drives already hooked up (one has my OS, the other is storage)and is recognized by my BIOS and OS. i got a third sata drive but my BIOS will not recognize it (i want to set up a RAID between my two extra storage hard drives).
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  1. Try using a different SATA cable first, then try plugging in a hard disk that your BIOS detects into the SATA port you're using for the third drive. The point is to see if there's something wrong with the SATA cable, the hard disk itself, or your mobo.
  2. ok, so i simply rearranged the connections on the motherboard, and it worked. but here is my next problem if you can help. I wanted to set up the two extra drives in RAID0 so that the two could act has one. i configured them in RAID on my motherboard. but i can not see it on my OS. im new to this, any help for this problem?
  3. nevermind, all i had to do was set a letter for it. stupid mistake
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