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Newer video cards have their own psu power connection. Some need one power connection and some need two power connections.

I ran across several video cards that only require one 6 pin power connection. However, some of them have a cord with two molex connectors at the psu end. Here is an example:

Does anyone know why the video power cord comes with two molex connectors at the psu end?
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  1. it's for PSUs that dont have the PCIE connectors
  2. Are both molex connectors supposed to be plugged into the psu? I visited several vendor sites but did not see anything in the specifications section or the user reviews.

    If both molex connectors are supposed to be plugged into the psu, then it might be best to contact Corsair and request a PCIe 6 pin (2x3) modular power cord.
  3. +1^
  4. If your power supply doesn't have a 6 pin PCIe connector then hook up the 2 molex to 2 different leads if you can and use that to power the GPU
  5. Thanks for the information.

    I just took another look at the psu. There are two 6 pin (2x3) ports above the the 5 regular ports. Then I looked in my spare parts box. Turns out I have two 6 pin (2x3) PCIe power cords that came with the psu. The connectors are clearly marked PCIe so the problem is solved!!
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