Ready to order my system - Last check - any thoughts?

After hours of reading and debating and some more reading, this is what I have some up with:

Case: $100 - Antec 900

CPU: $135 - E8400 ($35 combo deal with mobo, that's why I didn't go E8500)

Mobo: $140 - P5Q Pro

GPU: $280 - VisionTek 4870

HDD: $85 - WD 640gb

RAM: $75 - 4gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800

PSU: $84 - Corsair 750W (not on anymore, but it better come back!)

CPU Cooler: $49 - Xigmatek S1283 & Bracket & Compound

Buner: $28 - Samsung Lightscribe

Case Fan: $15 - Antec Blue LED for side of case

Monitor: $200 - Acer 22" or Asus 22" Help me choose! They are both $200 after rebate and promo

Anyone have an Asus monitor, how is it?

Total is $1230 with shipping

One other question, is the 4870 worth the $100 extra in cost? maybe I will go back and look at benchmarks.

One other question
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  1. No one has any thoughts?
  2. You have everything covered. Hit the button and move on ;)
  3. What about my monitor question and video card question?
  4. MX-2 paste is non conductive - better than AS5 if you spill

    This monitor has 200 times more reviews than those two... It's got to be decent, if so many people bought it :)
    Acer AL2216Wbd Black 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor with HDCP support - Retail
  5. I figured you would look at benchmarks and decide for yourself. Remember, the 4870 has rear exhaust cooling as well, a big plus in my book.

    The ASUS monitor is probably the better one, at least from what I have heard.

    I own an Acer 22" i have had for a year or two, and it's just fine.
  6. mazda6_stealth said:
    What about my monitor question and video card question?

    Stick with the Visiontek HD 4870, excellent choice, especially with a Crossfire motherboard.

    The monitors you found look good, but it's hard to say based on 10 or 20 user reviews. The one I showed you is a lot more popular and I know it's good.
  7. Yeah, I will go with the 4870, just wish it was 1-2 months from now - would be $50 less... but then I would want the next step up again anyway!

    I think I will go with the Acer, they have it at staples (says pricegrabber) for $200 +tax, so it's actually the cheapest place, and I can drive and pick it up! Hope my store has one. Does best buy price match?
  8. Looks like its a special this week. Maybe it's only online? Still is free shipping... And can return pretty easily if I don't like it.
  9. In Canada Best Buy does price match. I'm guessing they do in the US too. Ask them.
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