Second HDD will not allow computer to boot

I just received a HD from ebay, it says it's refurbished but it is ebay. I don't really need the drive for anything but size spec, but I did buy it so I could use it also.

I don't know the manufacturer of the drive, it is a sata, 40gb notebook.

When I hook it up to a sata port and turn on the computer, the boot gets stuck at the bios screen, I can not enter the bios. I have tried every jumper combination also. I don't think it's making the click of death noise, but I doubt that would stop the computer from boot. (note this is a second data drive, the boot is on a different one). I have a 750a xfx mobo, with v 1.4 bios. When I hook it up to either the white sata ports on my mobo (i think they are disabled, but i'm not sure) or to another computer (a dell running xp that i have used to back up files) the computer boots fine but doesn't recognize the drive in the bios or in windows.

I am running windows 7 64bit, thoughts?
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    There's clearly an issue with the drive. Did it come with its own SATA cable? You might wanna try using another SATA cable first (it could be faulty) before returning the drive to that eBay seller.
  2. I was using my sata cable (that worked only 1 month before) and since when the drive was in something was going differently I thought it was fine, but alas, I switched to a brand new cable that I had, and it works perfectly, thanks, sometimes it's just the simple stuff.
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