120$ gtx260 is this real?

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  1. It's probaly a defective model because look, used to be $335 and it has no reviews yet, just guessing though....
  2. so they sell those items and they even say that are defectives
  3. Maybe it was a model which had performance issues or something and they just want to get rid of their stock? Try other websites for the same model to see the price.
  4. I know that something is happening because a have time doing the research to buy a new card and i konw the price

    is has to be.

    But i'll see
  5. Yea, there is an issue. Its Tiger Direct :D
  6. what does that really means tigerdirect

    whats the problem with tigerdirect
  7. I've bought from tiger before (although directly from them, not through Amazon) and had no problems.

    If you look at the product description

    Product Description
    Product Description
    The GeForce GTX 260 from EVGA brings you the latest in graphics card technology from Nvidia. Engineered for the enthusiast your system will be able to handle the latest games, high definition digital video, and Windows Vista with aplomb. The features of the GTX 260 Core 216 SC Edition 896-P3-1267-AR include the GeForce GTX 260 (626MHz clock) chipset, 896MB of 448-bit 1ns GDDR3 memory with a 1053MHz clock with an effective rate of 2106MHz, 1350MHz Shader Clock, 216 processing cores, PCI Express 2.0 compatibility, Dual DVI-I connectors, 114.9GB per second memory bandwidth, 2nd Generation NVIDIA unified architecture, Full Microsoft DirectX 10, NVIDIA 2-way and 3-way SLI ready, NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology, NVIDIA PhysX Ready, NVIDIA CUDA technology, and OpenGL 2.1 support. Built for Microsoft Windows Vista. This product comes with a lifetime warranty. Product must be registered at www.evga.com within 30 days of purchase to get the lifetime warranty.

    Product Description
    EVGA nForce 680i SLI Recertified Motherboard NVIDIA nForce® 680i SLI™ media and communications processors (MCPs) deliver the tools and performance that PC enthusiasts demand. When combined with two NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, you get innovative NVIDIA® SLI™ technology for enhanced system performance. With select SLI-Ready memory you get automatic access to special memory performance. Be ready for system overclocking and greater data throughput.

    Using the second product description and this link http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/category/category_slc.asp?Lprice=100&Hprice=199.99&Nav=|c:2541|m:1281|&Sort=0&Recs=10 you will find that It probably was supposed to be the 680i mobo, not the gtx 260. Don't know if this is Tiger's fault or Amazon's, but I'm tempted to buy one to find out what I get. Depends on the return policy...
  8. I'm thinking about ordering it. If they listed the wrong product at that price they would have to honor the price as paid for. On top of it if the card does have something wrong with it there is also a lifetime Warranty so they would have to give a replacement. I would have guess that this card may be a refurbished product but legally they have to also state such and no one would offer a lifetime warranty on something already refurbished.

    I might order it tonight and if I do I will tell you guys and of course tell you how if I get bait and switched or a damaged card.
  9. It's worth a shot, but if you really do get the GTX260 they'll probably either want you to pay the diff or return it. Like when Newegg sent out cases of Eee PCs instead of eaches. Companies don't just give away thousands of dollars of merchandise...even when it's their mistake.
  10. At the absolute worst, you have to return the card so you're no worse off, might as well order it imo. If you get to keep the card that's an absolute steal.

    I noticed its not just a gtx 260, its a core 216, that means it beats the 4870 in most benches (not by much though) and means you save an additional $80. Those normally retail for over $300 still.
  11. Wouldnt be to quick to order that. A quick search on Tiger Direct comes up with no card at that price. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/category/category_slc.asp?Recs=10&Nav=|c:3775|m:1281|&Sort=4

    However, after adding it to the cart then clicking the link, you get this http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B001G0MSSK/ref=ord_cart_shr?_encoding=UTF8&m=A9B09ZK9BZJQ6&v=glance

    LIke somebody else said, its a mislabled 680i motherboard. Here is the actual produt @ same price on Tiget http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=4132075&CatId=2541 Buy this if you want to get screwed out of $120.
  12. OrderChaos said:
    At the absolute worst, you have to return the card so you're no worse off, might as well order it imo.

    True, but there's also the time it takes you swap out video cards, then back, and repackage the item for return. Time is valuable and if they were nice about it they'd give you a gift certificate or something...but being Tiger I doubt it. There's no doubt that price is for the mobo, though.
  13. Wouldn't surprise me if Tiger Direct was responsible for mislabeling. I've ordered lots of stuff from them, and so far am very satisfied. However, they send me once a month a little magazine/catalog with prices for different parts.

    The Video cards section ALWAYS has an error on key cards. For instance, the latest issue I have says "9800 GTX" and below in bold says "$129", yet the picture shown and the description is for an 8800GT. Then right beside the "$129" is a part #. If you look at their chart below all this, that part number corresponds to the 8800GT. So the title draws your attention, as does the amazingly low price, and then you realize you've been suckered.

    They do this constantly. I've seen the same issue in previous issues of their monthly catalog. So either they are misleading people with catchy headings, or their editing department is smoking crack instead of editing.
  14. Its misleading. No editor worth hiring will make the same mistakes month after month in a printed catalogue. I get those same ones in the mail you are talking about jerreece, however I usually skim through then throw them away.
  15. yea, its probably defective
  16. I just checked this morning, the price was changed on the link. It now reads $325.
    Guess anybody who ordered yesterday got quite a deal.
  17. OH ****....WE'RE GETTING MOTHERBOARDS. look what i just got 4 minutes ago:

    this is NOT gonna end pretty i can tell you that much...

    Yeah I just called TigerDirect and I asked the guy why I had received a 680i Tracking Number, but an EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 confirmation email from both Amazon and Tiger. The guy said he had no idea, and he looked up my order and said I bought a 680i. So he basically told me to just speak with an Amazon customer service representative about it. Any ideas before the flame wars begin across 5 separate forums?

    *edit* check this out:

    zeplar at [H]ardForum wrote:

    Got the same Ship Confirmation email with the mobo. Called and was told that they're requesting UPS Delivery Intercept returns, so at least we won't have to worry about returning it. They said they've already received a bunch of calls about it.
  18. interesting..

    PaulTa at Overclock.net Forum:

    well after thinking it out, here are the things we stand to lose or gain-

    A) we pay the costs of shipping it back from our homes for the refund through tigerdirect.com if we choose to wait it out and the A-Z guarantee thing doesn't work out.

    B) we get the product, file the claim, and actually get the card through either Amazon or Tigerdirect. We win.

    We stand to lose 15-20$, we stand to gain a 310$ graphics card for 125$.
  19. Youre not getting the card. You were forewarned here enough. Tiger Direct is the seller, a product was sold THROUGH Amazon who made the mistake. Tiger Direct is not going to pat you on the ass and say "here's your card son, you earned it" for Amazons mistake. Unless Tiger Direct were the ones who made the listing, then it is there fault but they will A. Never admit to it, and B. Youll never find out.

    Just send the motherboard back for a refund, cancel the order before it ships, or stop it in transit.
  20. just submitted my BBB complaint:

  21. hey audiofreak, I too purchased the videocard from amazon and got confirmation saying

    "1 of EVGA 896-P3-1267-AR GeForce GTX260 Core 216 SC Edition 896MB DDR3
    PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card with Lifetime Warranty, $119.99

    Shipping & Handling: $5.39

    Total: $125.38"

    I, along with the others who saw the deal, received an email from tigerdirect saying we ordered a mobo instead of the videocard. i read that email earlier this morning and called tigerdirect and amazon regarding the order. The overall result is receiving another email around 2:45pm saying

    "Unfortunately this item was erroneously displayed on Amazon’s website. Specifically, Included in the product feed that TigerDirect.com.com sent to Amazon was an EVGA Motherboard, item # E145-0003 (EVGA nForce 680i SLI Socket 775 Motherboard Rect) priced at $119.99. Due to an error in the matching process the description for the video card that you tried to order was erroneously matched to the motherboard described above. Although it may have appeared that you were ordering a video card, the actual item placed in your shopping cart was the motherboard.

    Your order shipped prior to this error being discovered so we’ve contacted UPS and arranged to have the shipment recalled. We also requested that Amazon issue you a full refund. Although we are requesting that UPS route the package back to us it’s possible that it may still be delivered. If this happens simply refuse delivery, that is tell the delivery person to return the package to the shipper. If you’ve already received the shipment please contact Lucina Joseph at 800-955- 1888 ext. 5365 or Lucina.joseph@TigerDirect.com.com, who will arrange for return of the motherboard at no cost to you."

    I really hoped to get the video card instead of a full refund, so i hope your BBB complaint will help out us customers who would like to receive the right product that was advertised. Isn't it law that they have to honor the price that was advertise to the customer? plus they already processed the money from our credit cards.

    Well whoever was affected or can help out, can i please get feedback from this situation.
  22. spectreme, you're in luck because I MAY HAVE A SOLUTION!

    Thanks to posershadow at the EVGA Forum for pointing this out:

    posershadow wrote:

    I see it as kind of interesting how Amazon's policy in their terms for pricing is:

    "Please note that this policy applies only to products sold and shipped by Amazon. Your purchases from third-party sellers using Amazon Payments are charged at the time you place your order, and third-party sellers may follow different policies in the event of a mispriced item."

    Yet when you go to buy, lets say a GTX 280 right now, and you find one to buy from TD, no matter where you look inside the information about TD's information on Amazon, you don't find a single Terms and Conditions link stating what happens in these kinds of situations. It's not my responsibility to go to TD's site and read the terms from that site if I'm ordering through Amazon. It's TD's responsibility to post the terms in their FAQ's on their merchant profile in Amazon. TD luckily has a website where you can actually read what the terms are over there, but if you say ordered from a smaller 3rd party seller that doesn't have a website, then really, there are no terms and conditions, which means they have no escape for typo errors. All I'm saying is, if I don't see terms and conditions for TD in their seller profile on Amazon, I'm not required as a consumer to go and hunt down a copy of terms and anyways, TD's own site terms don't apply to Amazon anyways since you didn't buy it through their site directly. So really, I think if someone wanted to really go through a lot of work, TD would get screwed on this deal for having no provided disclaimer for typo errors.

    I mean, the terms on the actual TD site only apply to direct purchases from the TD site. Ordering through Amazon isn't addressed anywhere on the seller profile:


    The closest they get is the privacy and security link under seller help, but no where is there any mention of what happens in a case of a typographical error. So really, they have absolutely no protection against typographical errors on Amazon. Just because their website says one thing, doesn't mean it applies to Amazon. If someone wanted to fight it, you have a pretty clear shot at victory, but TD is going to fight until the end on this one so you better have a lot of time and patience on your hands.


    I knew there was a hole somewhere the entire time, but I just couldn't identify it. I'd be willing to get to the bottom of this, though not alone. Anyone care to help me?

    Amazon.com - protected

    TigerDirect on Amazon - no Terms of Service to be seen

    TigerDirect - protected

    ^ THAT SAID, it looks like if you actually DO get a motherboard, HOLD ONTO IT! You might just be able to complain and get your cards for it.

    lesson learned: If you're going to go through with one of these kinds of deals, always choose the fastest shipping option available.
  23. audiofreak, I'm not sure if the package is going to be delivered to my home because TD did send out an email saying that they are recalling UPS shipments. It seems like you are working hard to solve our problem; hopefully someone gets the video card deal ;)
  24. I don't know about you guys, but I'm still fighting it - I don't care if I'm the last man standing either. Yes, I realize it was a simple pricing mistake, and yes I do have the morals to forgive them and sincerely accept my refund. ;) However, there is still a further mistake with the way their terms and conditions work, and that is where I am going to point out to them the flaw in their advertising practices.

    I just emailed my concern to two separate individuals at TigerDirect. I don't want to expose the message just yet, but I will get back to you all once I receive my reply.
  25. You realize that you are dealing 2 very wealthy companies who only want your money at then end of the day right? Good luck getting that video card, it wont happen.
  26. The_Blood_Raven said:
    You realize that you are dealing 2 very wealthy companies who only want your money at then end of the day right? Good luck getting that video card, it wont happen.

    I'm sure there wouldn't have been a problem if this was an issue at a brick-and-mortar store. See this quote from the SlickDeals.net forums:

    falafelhotdog from SlickDeals.net Forum:

    I just don't understand how they can say their pricing mistake was wrong and shrug it off. It's the same thing if you're at Best Buy and see something at a good price or if something was stocked under the wrong price tag but a similar item. When you go to check out and it comes up something different, you get a manager and they give it to you as the price listed. Their mistake then they go to change it. TD is like "Your point is...?"
  27. now if it were newegg they would of gave you the card. newegg has given me over 50$ credit over the few months for some minor very errors. that's why i only buy from them.
    if you really want the card threaten to sue lol.
  28. Online retailers have more freedom to dictate policy than actual walk-in stores. invisik is right though, newegg tends to be amazing with their policy and there customer care. I once ordered the wrong RAM kit that was the wrong speed and costs less than the one I wanted to buy. They sent me the one I wanted for the lower price of the one I did not mean to purchase, something I did not even suspect to happen.
  29. Got my first refund just a second ago:

    Greetings from Amazon.com.

    We are writing to confirm that we have processed your refund in the
    amount of $125.38 for your Order #XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX from TigerDirect.

    This refund is for the following item(s):

    Item: EVGA 896-P3-1267-AR GeForce GTX260 Core 216 SC Edition 896MB DDR3 PCI-Express 2.0 Graphics Card with Lifetime Warranty
    Reason for refund: Order cancelled by merchant

    Your refund is being credited as follows:

    Mastercard Credit Card [ending with XXXX]: $125.38

    Total refund for this order: $125.38

    Have questions about our refund policy?
    Visit our Help section for more information:


    Thank you for shopping at Amazon.com.


    Amazon.com Customer Service
  30. I feel like people are trying to get something that they knew was a mistake. If you shop around you would notice it was a mistake in the first place and it said in the final description that you were getting the motherboard.

    Product Description
    EVGA nForce 680i SLI Recertified Motherboard NVIDIA nForce® 680i SLI™ media and communications processors (MCPs) deliver the tools and performance that PC enthusiasts demand. When combined with two NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards, you get innovative NVIDIA® SLI™ technology for enhanced system performance. With select SLI-Ready memory you get automatic access to special memory performance. Be ready for system overclocking and greater data throughput.

    You then asked here and were told it was most likely a mistake yet you try to buck the system trying to get something you never really paid for in the first place. When you got the shipping notification from tiger direct( the true seller) it was for the correct item( the mother board for the price). If something sounds too good to be true it is and do research.
  31. Looks like all my assertiveness against a lack of Terms and Conditions for TigerDirect on Amazon ended with me getting $20 bucks!


    I’m very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. I understand you saw the page change on and off but please be aware that we didn’t know about this error until yesterday which is why we sent you the email. As stated on the email this was an item matching error. We sent them a product feed that they matched to the incorrect item, and we realize it when we started reviewing the orders that they sent us. We will make sure that you get your full refund. As per UPS the items are currently in route to you. As soon as they confirm that they won’t deliver the items to you we will advise Amazon to refund you, which shouldn’t take more than 24 hours. If it is ok with you I can comment your account for you to get free shipping on your next order or I can arrange for a store credit of $20 to be added to your account and it will be discounted from any order that is place directly through us in the future by calling 800-800-8300. Please let me know which one you would like for me to arrange.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Me: Thank you for the offer. I would appreciate if you could arrange a $20 store credit to my TigerDirect account. I don't know what my account number is, but the email address registered to it is XXXXXXXXXX[at]gmail.com under the name XXXXXXXXX.


    The $20 store credit has been requested please allow 48 hours for the credit to be active on your account.
  32. When something looks too good to be true, it most likely is
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