2 Wire router/linksys bridge WEP problem

Hi, this is my frist post on here, but im a frequent visitor. Anyways I have a odd problem that I have never came across and can't seem to find any soulutions using google.....yeah.

The problem is a 2 wire router is set up with WEP-Open (no options for WEP 64,128), and connects to a laptop with a no problem through the windows wireless utility, the password is 10 characters. Anyhow I am having issues with getting it to connect to a wireless bridge. The bridge has no option for WEP-open just 64-bit and 128-bit, so how do those mesh? From what I know and have experinced the 10 digit password is not accepted by 64-bit or 128-bit encryptions.
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  1. Any thoughts, suggestions?
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