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ok i just got my 8800 GTX and i installed it. When i installed it though, there were to places where i had to connect for the power supply, my guess is that the graphics card is alot more powerful so it needs more power. So i plug in one of the power cords into my graphics card, the power cord coming from my psu. But i couldnt find another cord to plug in my other slot for my graphics card. So i used the connector that came with my graphics card, which looks like exactly like this http://www.atxpowersupplies.com/images/Molex-to-PCI-Express-Adapter-350x350.gif
soo i tried plugging that in, but i could not find any where to plug the end of it( the two white parts)
my psu does not have an end to plug in the white parts for some reason, only has the SATA cables, the black end ones with like a red cable or something
is there anyway i can connect my 6 pin molex connetor(the link above) to that SATA cable? so i can power my graphics card
without buying a new psu
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  1. I find it hard to believe your PSU has no molex plugs, every PSU out there has at least 4 of them. Not calling you a liar but double check, or if your PSU is modular check to see if you still have the cables and just havnt attached them.
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