Geforce 8400 GS 512MB DDR2 on a 300W PSU?

this is the Geforce 8400:
im pretty sure this is what i want. don't ask.

would it get a fair performance with a 300W PSU?
it says thats what it requires is 300W but i dont know
if it would work. ( my PSU is about 1.2 years old )

here is my PSU:

i have heard that over time your PSU gets old and puts out less power. that's why im asking this.
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  1. It should work fine for now.
    that card uses hardly any power at all.
  2. for about the same price AFTER shipping

    you can get a card thats literally a hundred times more powerful than the 8400

    the 8400 is one of the worst cards EVER made it just plain sucks... avoid ALL 8 series cards and even 9 series (except the 9600 gt) that are below the 8800/9800 point...

    a 300 w psu will probably be enough to run it... but i'd recommend getting a nice good 450 - 550 w one for cheap

    I believe antec psu's are on the upper tier list of quality i think they are a tier 2 which isn't bad for this price

    Although if you want to do any serious upgrading like high-end stuff a 430 w won't serve you at all
  3. if he doesn't want to game, that is fine.
  4. It does depend on what he does with the pc. If he wants basic video then it is fine.

    For gaming that is another story. If you are expecting to run a media center or a gaming rig then dont do that card.

    That psu will be fine for the 8400 if you decide to go that route...
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