New SSD USB 3.0 external drives

The Aviator 2 USB 3.0 features a range of different sized solid state drives (SSDs) and can connect to your computer via the new USB 3.0. There are three different models available in the range, although they are a little more expensive than a standard portable hard drive.

First up we have the 64GB version with had a read speed of 230MBps and a write speed of 160MBps, this version is available for $260. The second model in the range features a 128GB solid sate drive, although this version is slightly slower than the previous one with read speeds of 230MBps and write speeds of 120MBps.

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  1. That seems a bit odd - it looks like an external drive but it has a "A" (host) type connector instead of an "B" (device) type...
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